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Monday, February 22, 2016

What I miss in United Kingdom trips !!

To my superficial future girl :)

Travelling along the British roads, something feels void. Some charm is missing leading to steep deviation in the excitement. Feels like I am doing something which I am not used to and unfortunately I am unable to overcome those limitations. Why this time doesn’t stop until I get my girl and then together we can hit the British roads…. ufff this is superficial thought just to tune my strings with my superficial girl.

I miss those plan preparations made with you day before trip… I miss those morning early wake up call for you… I miss threatening you and making you hurry… I miss your making delay and never on time… I miss your habit of forgetting things to carry and remembering same when we start for trip… I miss your totally unorganized meshy backpack… I miss your never ending complain of leg pain, back pain, head pain blah blah...I miss your jumps, acting during the trip walk... I miss butterfly's of the UK as they seems to be un-noticable without you.. I miss your unlimited water demand when water bottles cost same like a coke :P …I miss searching your rest room for so frequently needed urgency … I miss my hand being hold by you… I miss our hugs… I miss me trying more varieties of food without you… I miss screaming on rides and horror shows… I miss forced going to swing just to give you push…

And most importantly I miss a photographer for whom I can pose unlimited and also your making me pose differently. I miss your long time taking process to click shoot button and I miss myself getting angry for long posing to get a single shot.

Isn’t this enough to miss myself. I think I miss me totally here in England. I miss my smile. Hope to see you soon to complete me.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Someone Else In Me !!

Everyone in their life would have come across such situations when they feel that - Is it what they wanted to do always? Most of the time we feel it's not real me. We feel why can't I live my life my way , doing things what I feel. Life is a over speedy flowing river,  get to the side which you wish to otherwise you will flow away with the waves.

Some gets bored with their monotonous work, boring life, some are into something not because they wish to , but just to earn basic necessities of life. Not sure how many people are doing the same what they wished, but definitely not me.

Since childhood I aimed to become a pilot but I was drowned in engineering career. Later when I became software engineer and in TCS when HR asked me what is my fantasy job, my mouth told a 'Bartender'...what the heck - a bartender...Did I really said that, Yes I did. But it's just a fantasy.

But on a serious note, Personally speaking 2 things which always fascinates me anytime anywhere all around careerwise are 'Cooking' and 'Stand up comedy'.
I love to prepare food. I feel very good when some good output comes in my kitchen and when appreciated for my cooking. I love to eat and take pictures of my food be it my own prepared or restaurant's. I love to share with special ones. I love to instagram it and talk about it. There is not even single cooking based movie which I have not watched. I just live food.

Another one is this comedy. I love to watch is again and again just to laugh. Hey Russell , Kenny , Maz listen to me. I also know how to do comedy on race, colour, region and believe me you can't beat me in toilet humour. Kapil, Raju, Sunil...you inspired me too. What a comedian does is just refresh you hiding their own tears. But naahhhhh…chuck it…Main thing is just laugh and live your life.

Don’t know if I should tell these 2 fascinations as hobby or something else, but definitely It makes me happy and cherish those moments. Let’s see if I can go to next level for these 2 fascinations ever in future but surely I wish for it. There is Someone Else In Me. Might be someday I need to make disconnections to make a connection.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No Status To Be Stated !!


If you keenly look around you ,then you will understand that in this e-socialized world, our privacy is jeopardized due to our emotional weaknesses.

We can see people putting very good matter stuffed display pictures related to love, hate, anger, romance etc etc and thus saying the unsaid. And then comes main culprit – ‘The statuses’ . For an example, You say someone that you are not having affair and then you update status related to love revealing it to those 100 people whom you told nothing is there. To show 1 person you update status ,but unknowingly you share secrets to everyone else too.  Arey bhai ye public hain public sab jaati hain.

It becomes more worse when old generation totally unaware of social networking power jumps into the battle field. Two such real life examples I have seen within my relatives.  One just posted 'fuck' as his FB status, don’t know after thinking what. And other commenting on forward chains of posts which says that after commenting such and such, half naked girl will turn to fully naked. They might be totally unaware that doing such activities will be updated on their friends feeds too .Obviously men will be men. I agree that but this tharkiness is not to be displayed to your younger relatives.

So I got an idea. What If I don't state the statuses of my life status, then how anyone will come to know the status of my statuses. And it worked ... ab ghanta pata laga k dikhao. Sherlock bano Sherlock,  Doordarshan ka Jasoos Vijay nahi.

I remember my watsapp status being only 3 in my whole tenurity of usage.  1st  being 'Available ' , 2nd with new contact number after coming overseas but keeping same old India watsapp number profile' and 3rd being 'No status to be stated'. If I say hypothetically that I have girlfrnd then how many times I fought,  how many times I was sad due to personal or career issues but did anyone came to know?  Never. ..ahhhh fuck it...never. .I can bet !!

I believe why to shout it loud for everyone when most of people are there to laugh and enjoy on your situation rather than being with you in your needs. Friend in need is friend indeed but you can't expect everyone on e-social platform to be such a friend. Give it a thought. Rest is your choice, after all sequence of betrayal happens in your life not others.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Journey from India to UK !!

Here I am back after long break of 4 months. It’s long time when I was figuring out my career to be made as per my wish or else to change my wish and yes finally I did it. The long awaited onsite dreams come true , though failed 2 times in lottery for America but settled up with United Kingdom. Not a bad deal at all.

The day I got campus placement , mind was ready to go abroad and so waited waited waited. People asked why being in mallu land for so long. I was void of answers but I knew that one day I will get. But what you desire is not the real happiness. Realized it after coming to UK.

No doubt hand is full of cash which can’t be even dreamed in India but trust me person stays here with mindset of money savings only and not happily by their wish. I miss my people from India, I miss my dearest one with whom I laughed , cried and spent each and every seconds possible whole day. I miss diwali and getogether on festivals. Worst diwali ever I am seeing being on overseas and fighting with dearest friend.

Sacrificed many things for this onsite. Missed sister’s engagement , mostly will not be able to attend her marriage too. Hope to return soon after completion of 1 year tenurity. No hard feeling with UK. It’s best country to live in. It’s much more better than what we have perception from Hollywood movies. Fashionable people, perfect natural maintained cities and awesome place to enjoy freedom and live your life, everything is here lekin wo kehte hain na pardesh to pardesh hi hota hain jab apne saath na ho !!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kochi, You Are Not The Same !!

Kochi, something is wrong in you now. You don’t look the same you were before. Not sure what but something has changed , something is lost from here. Don’t you feel so… ??

  • Butterflies seems to have flown away from your city now !!
  • Subway’s outlet seems to be closed now here !!
  • Zinger burger is zinger less now !!
  • Shawarma’s went back to Arabic countries now !!
  • Samosa chat , Bhajji, vada pao , panipuri here are tasteless now !!
  • Import of FF, Chambakya, mango ends here now !! 
  • Weekend Gateway looks like a old thoughts now here !!
  • Ocean side parks became a past !!
  • ‘Marine Drive’ drive doesn’t looks to be happening again for me !!
  • Malls not sure but indeed Lullu hypermarket re-occurance is doubtful !!
  • Shopping was sometimes passion and not it has changed to need only !!
  • 1 day long ride outing on ZMR looks impossible now !!
  • Dhaba order closed now…Kochi you took away my favourite food too !!
  • Routine has changed from home to office and back to home now !!
  • Zest & Zeal to wait for the very next good moments seems to be changed into a long wait !!
  • TCS Instant Messaging ‘Sametime’ login is useless now !!

For sure Kochi significance seems to be changed now. Kochi , you are not for me now. Making my status as ‘Unavailable’ right now and assure you that, not many days left when I will sign-off soon from Kochi.

I will miss you Kochi !!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yes, I’m an IT Engineer!!

Every software industry professional has a curse on them to hear same dialogues numerously from a large number of crowd, Be it relatives or friends and don’t know who all..Oh you are also IT Engineer?  Arey tension dene wali duniya ..what do you mean by ‘also’ in that question. Why you make us ponder again if we did any mistake becoming an IT engineer.

Completed engineering, got campus placed easily, joined IT industry. What’s a big deal in it. Yes we didn’t sweat our underwear’s dropping a year after graduation to prepare for Bank entrance, any PSU or any Navaratna government job. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have balls to do so. Being one of the 60 placed students from competitor participating strength of 450 in same college, obviously needs some balls. Though agree we went along with crowd joining IT field. But should all engineer join banks to do financial and paper works just for making would be father-in-law agree to accept our proposal to marry his daughter.

No money... No peace...No job satisfaction...Hectic schedules...All part of IT. But does any bank employee satisfied holding a engineering degree and doing data entry job on some old chair used by big butt farter predecessors. Atleast in IT we get some standard sitting all the time in AC :D

There was a time when IT was a renowned job but huge job percentage has given it a image of shadow. IT has boomed like anything making other field jobs with rare opportunity. People are moving to preference of peaceful and permanent career like bank. No risk of recession, no one wants to be one of the many software engineer in same colony. It has been given image of job by needs or job by failures. Thing is that no one is happy with what job they do. Life becomes monotonous if we stay in same field. Entertainment in life is all about change. Change is risky but satisfactory. Everyone aspires for change but not courageous enough to go for it.

Oh yeah I’m an IT engineer...Yes I am...yup you are correct...me too!! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015


It’s 29th Mar 2015, 0414 PM IST, Final presentations got over & Kangaroo’s are holding ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup. Seeing this scene, something is mourning inside me , inside each and very Indian. All Indian cricket lovers are silent , but something is erupting inside them today. Everyone’s soul is telling that It was ours and It is supposed to be ours.

During WC-2015 , I never posted anything on FB, never tweeted , never instagramed , never showed any cricket spirit publicly . I never criticized anyone or showed my support for my team publicly . But yes I was die-hard following it silently. But I feel little broken now after seeing WC in others hand.

It was not any player loss but it was loss for billion population of India. World would be Soccer fans but we Indians are strictly cricket fans. And yes Kohli this loss was not your loss too, everyone knows what you are capable of but it was just you gave them a silly Anushka reason to criticize you. They are just bunch of stupids who are behind your’s and Anushka relation, but it’s also true that you could have played well in knockouts :(

But Yes, it’s correct #Respect to Indian cricket team. We really played like a champions. We were never favourite until WC start , but once WC started we were everyone’s favourite. Until Semis Aussies were nowhere but we just had a bad day. We had the best players with best team who deserved cup again. Only problem is we didn’t delivered on the day when it was required the most. We had plans for it but was not executed properly. #Respect to Dhoni for your unmatched captaincy skills, Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli ,Raina, Rahane for you batting performances, Ashwin , Umesh ,Shami , Mohit for your incredible unexpected aggressive temperament. Infact most #Respect to Indian team as a whole than individual. But no comments for Sir Jadega. I still feel we did a mistake replacing allrounder like Yuvi with you. Might be it time again to bring focus on Sir Jadega troll’s again.

Campaign started with #WeWontGiveItBack and still we are high on it. We have not given it back yet. It lives in our soul and we believe it is still ours. Only cup needs to be snatched back from Kangaroo’s in 2019. With addition of 2 more supporters to this #WeWontGiveItBack campaign for 2019 , I will be watching next cricket world cup with my wife and kid :D :P

Cheers for Team India !!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

It’s time for some real practical Comedy !!

It’s been almost 5 years of my blogging interest & always I have been criticized about writing posts which are more philosophical . Yes, I agree to it totally. Just because I don’t have any comedy idea , doesn’t mean that I do not blog about anything. Might be this has become my writing style. I really enjoyed being able to blog with creativity of philosophy. Let’s make a change this time, wanted to start 2015 year with a little humour.

But again I am void of any humour from my life. I really can’t understand what’s a comedy blog is. Someone has said that comedy is most difficult thing to do. Really it’s difficult to make someone laugh. But can say that our surrounding is full of comedy. We can easily find something to laugh around us.
  • Isn’t it humorous when you listen to people talking around you as Hey Dude !! Wassup dude ?? !! Where are you dude?? !!… Don’t know about everyone but I really get a smile listening to such talks. Might be I am yet to become modern like them to use such a slang :D :P
  • Isn’t it humorous that public enjoys 50’s turned Salman and Shahrukh overacting shits on big screen? But yes Amir is exceptional in same age to be allowed to still act because he deserves it.
  • Isn’t it a comedy that Kerala 54 years old superstar 'MohanLal'  starting a music band at this age. It’s like Amitabh Bachan trying to become young Arijit Singh. Nothing to say more.
  • Isn’t it humorous that highly appreciated most needed campaign against moral policy  ‘Kiss of Love’ originated in a state where people are most conserved in India. Really it’s a slap on the thinking of people here.
  • Don’t you feel to laugh when some sick workaholic continues to discuss loudly on call about client requirements , progress or defect fix  in cafeteria , lift lobbies or even in washrooms. Seriously hilarious corporate people !!
  • It's really a comedy when some people hype themselves with lots of enthusiasm turning to be as time killers. Comedy with a frustration to be trapped.
  • Isn’t it a comedy to do an arranged marriage , marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other.
  • I think I can easily convince you to add Santa-Banta , Alia Bhatt , Sir Ravindra Jadega & Alok Nath in your mind to laugh on comedies without any reason. :D :P Yes that’s what they have become popular for in 2014.

Life is really full of comedies which sneaks from people around us  !! It's all about our sense of humour which matters to laugh. I think again I diverted to philosophy :D What to do, it's
creativity of philosophy, my style of writing :D :P !!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

North India to learn from South India and similarly Vice versa !!

Blog viewers literally fought for South India prestige when I wrote my blog ‘North India Vs South India : 5 Points’ ( http://rulzwithatul.blogspot.in/2012/01/north-india-vs-south-india-5-points.html ) way back in Jan,2012 saying that I only favoured North India in my post. This post was most viewed post in my whole list of posts ever. This is time to make everything clear.

Coin has two sides. Similarly everything does has in this world. South India is good for something & bad for something too. North India is good for something and bad too. Let’s mention 5 points each favouring north india and south india . Then you decide if I am correct or not.

What to learn from South India:

  1. People here are more awakened about their rights. And they fight like anything for that. They are more literate too.
  2. Comparatively calm and peace loving people are here only as compared to North India.
  3. Population are somewhere more environment protective here. South India is more green and so so so beautiful.
  4. No doubt public cleanliness is far better than north india when you see roads, bus and railway stations.
  5. Less spicy food which is good for health but I must tell not tasty as north Indian dishes. This is genral point without any influence of north indian touch in me.
 What to learn from North India:

  1. Freedom for individual to live their life as they wish. People are not reserved and not foul thinking here. Majority of people are not narrow minded here.
  2. Population is more fast forward and adaptive towards the changes happening in world. Be it culture or any. People are not feared of bringing any revolutionary changes.
  3. No doubt food here has many varieties and taste, which can be easily represented anywhere in world as loved Indian dish. It’s not an offense for south Indian dish as their food is their culture. But taste matters.
  4. South India should learn not to treat their virtual screen heroes as God. We should live as a hero not for any hero. 
  5. Comparatively North India produce most of the grains for themselves instead of importing it from outside.
 Still debate will be there for above points. But most of the people will agree for above  if  they think  un-biasly.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unboxing Myself : After bike accident !!

So here I go , let me unbox myself after my bike accident on 2nd october,2014. Outer package looks good as always but what we can say for inner product . Yes let’s open the box now.

Oh no no no I must say product doesn’t has very good first impression. It doesn’t please your eyes. From top to bottom , right side of the body is not smooth. It does has humps on right hand side. Though there is no complain for the left side of product. If this product has human body parts then I can say right hand, leg , elbow and shoulder has some external white bandages and also few glitches in finishing of other right hand areas. This product really needs a wash soon.

But yes after few days of hand on experience I must say metabolism is perfectly functioning. And soon we can expect a big improvement in the design and look too. I think charger (ZMR) of this product is also in service center for repair, a biggggie repair. Hope to see everything in perfect shape soon along with charger.

I must say , this product is functioning because of some very good skilled people who owns me a lot. Thanks to Lakshmi ji & Eldho ji for what you have done for this product. I don’t have words to tell and don’t want to point out all those things too. But really you guys own each and every part of this product. It’s because of you 2 guys that without informing manufacturer (i.e My family), this product got repaired. And yes thanks to my roommate shiva too, for taking care of this product.

Along with them few more people are there to whom I would like to thanks – Vaibhav, Ramesh,  Rahul ,Meenakshi, Jim,  Rejeesh, Nidhin , Vinod, Nikhil, Manu , Sebin , Soujanya , Jyothi , Deepak , Sony Mathew , Nigiel ,Arun, Shameer, Ajit , Shankar , Bijilesh , Suresh for stopping by and seeing the product during repair in garage. And nevertheless my roomies Arun and Amogh to supply power during my stay in godown ;) 

Humble sorry to my parents, brother , cousins, relatives and all bangalore close friends for informing them so late. Never wanted to trouble anyone living so far from here , as you can see how many above skilled people were around me for my repair.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thrive for power – Thunder am coming !!

This post was first drafted some 13 days back, but it took this much long to publish due to some inabilities to do so. You know some urgent  unfinished business related to bike only while being in hospital. Wo kehte h na, detailed real life experience to write this post. Now I am back to home though not physically fit  but yes mentally fit to write. Anyways I will forget my last 10 days of life and will write this as I would have written 11 days back.

When I ride on my ZMR and any bull or Harley overtakes me, then sometime I feel who is best. A sports bike like my ZMR or cruisers like Bull-Harley. I ponder over it many times, if I should have taken a Bull instead of ZMR. I ponder if power and look of ZMR anywhere withstand superior to Bull? Obviously I won’t compare to high segment here .. Keeping Harley aside meanwhile.

ZMR offers me sportiveness with a better mileage as compared to Bull. Harley is my dream bike, this cruiser cruises me over my couch each and every time. Though bull will give me 350-500 cc power with a better class, but my passion was always a sports bike atleast till last year. I still wish to own CBR lying in same category. But now mindset seems to be changing now a days. I am loving cruisers more than sports bike. 

This might be due to reason that I own a sports bike since almost 3 years and got bored of this style factor. But yes first choice is never to be repented on because that only made me crazy few years back. Now my next bike which will be definitely cruiser this time that has to be progressively in order depending on the cash required to own it.

I would prefer to own an Bullet Desert storm soon but before that I wish to own a Avenger too as it will cost me half of cash comparatively to Bull . And obviously Harley-Davidson is my dream bike of life which will be mine one day. Not soon but it will be one day. Finally my thirst for power will be over only after Harley , as no other bike is comparable to this power beast.

Totally agree with Harley-Davidson “You don’t know where the line is until you cross it”.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I’m a Foodie, Yes I'm a Petu !!

One of my best moments anytime anywhere would be when I eat good food..really goooooood food. I cherish that moment. Probably other people don’t cherish , seeing me snatching every bit of flesh from chicken piece like any carnivorous animal or seeing me paying more attention to my food in my plate rather than the person sitting infornt of me with me. 

It’s not that I do deliberately but what to do I am helpless. Doesn’t it proves that I am a foodie, very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggg petu. Though it doesn’t reflect much in my body but yes I am a petu. I can’t stop myself when I see food items. My watery mouth is uncontrollable when I see a unique food , my eye balls expand and only food image comes all the time infornt of my eyes.

Which food I like?..anything which please my taste buds. But yes I die for non-veggie. Be it Indian or any other country speciality. Though I am little inclined to our desi Indian taste. More the food presentation looks good and desirable and exotic more I thrive to have it. I wish to roam many countries and try food items there. Yet to start this wish journey outside country , but yes lucky to try foods from north to south of India atleast :P I also wish to be financially strong so that all the time I can try different food, be it breakfast lunch or dinner. Atleast 365*3 dishes a year. It would be so amazing na :D

I love to prepare food, I love to try it by my hand. Though not any good chef but managable cook for my stomach. I feel very good when some good output comes in my kitchen. I love to take pics of my food. I love to share with special ones. I love when appreciated for my cooking.I love to instagram it. I love to talk about it. I love to write about food.  I love I love I love food and I love to cook food.

Few life embarking food items I can eat anytime are Thangaloor fish fry, Mummy's aloo/ gobhi/ paneer paratha , jalebi , samosa ,banana bhajji, kachauri , chats, gulabjamun, icecream, rasmalai , chicken fry, chicken biryani, kadhai chicken, butter chicken, and yes my favourite anda (eggs) etc etc. Keeping it short as list is never ending.

Already my mouth got water while writing above dishes name and while googling for jalebi samosa pics. Give me break guys. I need to have it now. Meet you after jalebi/samosa break !!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bhai it’s 4 u – Congrats for your victory !!

Bhai let me start from our childhood..I don’t remember far way back from our childhood but few things I will never forget and more than me you will never forget. Guess it what ?? ..yeah yeah common ….Try again…give a last try !!!

Ahhhaa let me tell you, I am sure you will never forget my chappal , shoes, slaps and fist which I used to hit you in childhood :-P. I think one time with our cricket bat too. Hahaha.. what to do whatever I got I used to hit you. Frequent was fight than other things. As we grew - things changed, our priority changed , our interest changed, our behavior changed but we were always brother.

I still remember our Kite flying, how I made you to hold chakri, how I made you to collect kites.

I still remember our cricket in field, where I never put you for bowling when you were in my team.

I still remember our cricket in our angan, where we played dukki-dukki matches with ball or box or dried guava (whatever we got to hit with  bat :P).

I still remember when we fought to take big piece of eatables brought by papa.

I still remember the way we used to play our first video game. How crazy we were for 2 player games which are outdated graphics now in this techy world.

Many such things from childhood , which seems to be silly but those were moments to cherish now.

Later we moved to college life , first me and then you somehow :P Things changed more..you got more of serious nature and I became less serious gradually. Hehe. I was happy that you were serious for your study atleast after 1st year of engineering. Though not top performer but more than my expectation. Nearer the day of your Btech completion was coming , more I was tensed about your job.

I know it was hard time sitting in many campus placements and never getting through last stages. I always wished that you get a job soon. But it took lot of time. I made kiddo talk to you to on phone to make your English better, to bring your confidence in communication.

I remember when I called you to Bangalore for job search alone , when none of your friends were accompanying you. It was difficult for you to settle alone and then seach for job with obvious little mummy rememberance after all you are mummy kid na :P . But I always believed that you will get a job soon after seeing your hard work finally in your life. To make your mind fresh and to make sure you don’t lose your will to keep trying until you get job, I asked you to come kochi for short visit, after all we have a comedian here na in Kochi :P

Here you reaped what you sowed bhai. Your hard work finally paid off. Many many congratulations for getting into HCL. I will wish that you succeed in your career more than anyone. But one request to you, please don’t give 3-4 K for any Sai Baba and all. If money is over flowing then instead of wasting on God , give to me :P .

It was you who worked hard and you were solely responsible for your success. Always believe in yourself and be confident everywhere !!! Good luck bhai.

“You're some freaky awesome, my brother. You really are” . Proud of you !!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Purpose For Life !!!

How would you complete this sentence? 
"The purpose of my life is ______________."

It's not so easy to do, isn’t it?

What can be more purposeful and satisfying? Or, life-enhancing?I'm pretty sure your purpose in life...your reason for being...is somehow tied up in this mysteryup to a stage of life."How can I know this for certain?" you ask yourself. Answer will be‘you cannot’. You'll just have to let go of your need for certainty atleast until a stage where you can pursue your passion. Though security is impossible to find this side of eternity to achieve your purpose of life.

If I talk about my life phase from childhood to schooling, my purpose was to play and become a pilot. The same was my aim , same was my desire. I was not clear what exactly a purpose can be. Gradually coming to college life, purpose changed to engineering and craze about computers. I was inconsistent in deciding my purpose of life, and I believe similarly other people also are mostly inconsistent. Decision of purpose for life is slow steady process and it takes time to finalize it. Influence from parents, friends and neighbours also does matter to change your perception for your purpose but finally it’s your decision.

Though little late but discovering purpose of my life is easy part at this stage of life when I have 4 year of job experience after my studies. The hard part is keeping it with myself on a daily basis and working on myself to the point where I become that purpose. I aspire to achieve my purpose of life in each moment of my breathe and I am damn sure I will do so with my strong will.

What I believe is real purpose for life is not about my job, my daily responsibilities, or even my long-term goals. Real purpose is the real reason why I’m here at this point of time — the very reason I exist.

Here was my final answer for my purpose of life:

“To live energetically and courageously, to resonate with love and compassion, to awaken myself within others, and to leave this world in my satisfaction. My purpose of life is not always winning but to get satisfied with whatever I do. Sometimes losing to dear ones can soothe your life more than competing . The deepest form of purpose is to choose to be myself ratherthan trying to be anyone else.”

Everyone has their own ideas of what makes a beautiful life. What may give purpose and meaning to one person, maybe completely different to what gives purpose and meaning to another. In a general sense, I believe, a meaningful life is a life of happiness and self-accomplishment, a life that is surrounded by loved ones and activities that are enjoyed. If a person is content with what they are doing with their life, then to them their life is meaningful.

Cheers to life!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Corporate , Professionals & their Work Culture !!

Experience of 4 years in IT Indian industry has made me come across many types of working professionals here. If I broadly describe , then below are the categories :

1.   Workoholic’s with Non-Productivity : One who is highly career over energized and is ready to do anything . How long, how much hectic , in his reach?...these things doesn’t matter to them. They will always accept the work & sit 24*7 to finish their work slowly and steady. But the work they do takes more than average time. These people are hardworkers but non-productive. But higly visible in leads eyes and mostly recognized.

2.   Workaholic’c and Productive : These are the guys who are serious about their work when they work. These are real talents. They will do more amount of work with minimum time. They will give the feel of workaholic during their working time but they will leave office on time. Best candidates for onsite opputunities but sometime not properly recognized.

3.     Casual doer’s : These guys knows the truth of industry that working or not , they are not going to get the benefit as expected so better not to work hardly and enjoy their life. They just go office to get their monthy salary. These guys might be intelligent but not ready to work.

4.   Dumb Professionals : Seriously doubt on companies selection criteria after seeing them in same office where you are. These are the ones who needs more hard work of team in providing transitions to them, than what they give in return to team. Highly inefficient and waste of company money.

Also there is a another way to categorize them depending on the orientation to their interest. Depending on what they (excluding dumbs here) are working for. What’s the thing which motivates them to work with efficiency. Below are another classification how professional achieve their work satisfactions:

1. Learners – They want to learn more and more and more. New technology motivates them and bring their interest in work. But these are the one who will switch companies very early once getting good opportunities.

2. Money satisfaction – One who works to get a significant increment in salary. Mind it, these folks are best to trust on. But they won’t work for free.

3. Passionate to go onsite – From the day they joined company, their aim is to get onsite. What they need to do doesn’t matter. Give them onsite and see their outputs. They will out-mind you with their performance.

4. Unnamed – I can’t give any name to these guys as no one can say what they want. They don’t work for money, they don’t want onsite but they work like anything even if there is nothing to learn much.

Above classifications obviously open an arena of arguments to decide what should be the correct way to get self satisfied and make company also satisfied. But someone said correctly as below:

There is a notable distinction between being busy and being productive. Being busy doesn’t necessarily means that you’re productive.”

A person who sits in office till late is not a hardworking person, but he/she is a fool who doesn't know how to finish work in simulated time. Beside he is a loser in life who doesn't have personal or social life. Many career professionals, raised in the era of information and communication overload, have the false idea that staying at work for longer hours will make you more productive.

But here is the catch “Am I damaging my reputation by arriving and leaving on-time?” .This is the doubt many have. But sorry guys this is unanswerable query. As your team , your lead are the ones who are deciding this. Few may be happy but others may be worried. But thing is, this has to be rebelled or else you are going to me made a machine who is working without his will, just to impress his leads. Leads have to understand and they need to focus on productivity rather than number of hours spent in office.

I believe life does not mean coming to office, going home and sleeping, there is more to a life. You need a time to socialize, entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Don’t make your life meaningless. 

Most of the countries limit the legal amount of time you are supposed to work. in France it's 35, in others it's 40, etc. But this is a major cultural problem we have in modern society here in India. Here we don’t have limit…9,10,11,12… and even more hours is normal for many Indian software engineers. That’s the reason MNC’s are able to generate revenues specially in IT here,  as outsourcing from India is highly encouraged by other companies due to cheap and best reason.

      Let’s Join hands together for a change. If not for yourself atleast for 
        others who believe in my above thoughts !!