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Monday, January 30, 2012

I Want to…!!!

Dedicated to my College friends…

I want to go to the past where promises in friendship was the utmost important,
I want to go to the past where fun was the only subject in my life,
I want to go to the past where going to institution  was just for attendance and not for engineering,
I want to go to the past where semester (i.e time) used to pass so early.

I want to go to the past where bunking the classes was fun,
Where together with your friends being  caught by dean was adventurous,
Where having others lunch without letting him know during the lecture on the last benches was most admired thing by your friends,
Where comments from last benches  on girls and faculty was most daring thing during the lecture,

Where lecture notes used to get completed on  1/10th A4 page &  that too notes was common for 3-4 friends.

I want to go to the past where we used to pass 4 out of 8 college hours in canteen,
Where we used sit on PMC (Piya Milan Chauraha) for hours to get a glance of our dream girlsss,
Where we used to fire back to back comments from BCR (Boys common room) to each and every girls and faculty,
Where we used to sit for hours in the sports field to hide ourselves from administrations.

I want to go to the past where doing practical labs was fun,
Where lab means playing Counter Strike and zero programming,
Where Anshu’s and Sunil’s lunch had everyone shares,
Where friend’s  girlfriend was also everyone’s girlfriend,
Where mine girlfriend was everyone’s girlfriend…Sahi h na Sunil,
Where my dialogue to try on a girl was used by my friend (Manish) on the same girl before me.

I want to go to the past  Where we used to tell ourself as DON (UP & Mohit),
Where we used to make list of top 10 chicks to try for and used to keep them in our wallet (Beta Mohit ye tere liye specially),
Where ‘Babu ki maa’ was famous and Babu special style was adorable,
Where ‘Chumma’ ka haramipan was widely accepted by us,
Where  Aman’s question was most difficult to answer,
Where Akshay’s and Gaurav guru chela relationship was famous,
Where Bone-no and her affairs with friends girlfriend was shock to all.

I want to go to the past where riding bike in heavy rain just to gift cake to someone very special on her b’day,
Where teasing with her’s name attached to mine was everyday job of my friends,
Where Dancing on the DJ floor was like breaking the DJ floor with Ashish and Manish dance steps,

I want to go to the past where every party was boozing party in Rajendra nagar,
I want to have that  Dharam kata Special pan again,
I want to have that Kudesia Kababs again,

I want to go to the past where …
I want to go to the past where…
I want to go to the past where….

Sunday, January 22, 2012

North India Vs South India : 5 Points

Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh , I spent my first 22 years of my life in north India. But this IT industry job gave me the chance to live in south India (Must say southest part of INDIA :-):-) ) and I am living here in south since last 1 year & 3 months.
Having a experience of 1 year & 3 months in IT industry and in South India, I can surely jott down some point of differences between NORTH and SOUTH.

1.    Where can you shop the banana’s in terms of kilograms?? It’s here it’s here in south. In north we buy in terms of dozens but here as kilograms. I still cannot understand why is this difference :-(:-(

2.  Second thing I must say about haircut : In south the worst haircut shop will charge minimum Rs. 50 for haircut but in north if u r planning to save money u can get it for even Rs. 15. I guess soon all barbers from north will shift to south , leaving north without a single barber. Ha ha ha

3.   Yaaro one thing I must tell you…people here in south are crazyyyyy , infact I must say mad about filmy Superstars. They treat them as if they are GOD. You can not say anything bad about the superstar otherwise they will fight with you.

But in north I am sure everyone criticizes and abuse their favourite stars also sometime in their life.

4.   For foodiessss : The main dishes of south in breakfast lunch dinner is DOSA IDLI VADA with SAMBHAR and CHUTNEY. But in north no one can live without yummy Stuffed parathas (Aloo paratha..Paneer paratha..Gobi paratha….etc etc …types are countless :-):-):-) )

Though every one knows this point but still I have to mention it because we cannot ignore this point , if we are mentioning the differences between north and south.

5. The last one and the most important difference is regarding the GIRLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  ;-) ;-)

Guys from north India please note the girls here in south are too reserved……toooooo conservative . As north Indian girls , they wil never ask you go for late night parties or for overnight journey to a trip.

Everyone here supports  this monopoly. Even the building security guard here doesn’t allow any unknown boy go in a flat where bachelor’s girls r living (Even if those girls have only invited you ) :-(:-(:-(  This situation was equivalent as if I was a villan and that bloody guard was SALMAN KHAN.

The only similarity I found  between north and south is that ‘Nariyal Paani’ here also cost  Rs. 15-20 and in north also u will get for Rs. 20. Though every house here in Kerala is having atleast two coconut tree. I don’t know why they produce in such a large quantity if they cannot give it for cheap.