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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Amidst all the rush 4 career by all SRMSCET’ians 2010 Btech passout, how can we leave out rattle & Hum, the fountainhead of the juicest of Lafangapan.

All the boys of CS-06 were in a race to woo the lady within the branch & beyond the branch & have done their best to impress “Miss XYZ” to make his “Mrs. XYZ”. Every boy was keen to establish his own ‘BASTI’, and secondly were keen to ride ‘BMW’.

Every morning when my friends wake me up at 6:30 to ask those obvious 6 words question ‘Abey college aa raha h kya’, I wonder whose dreams kept me up the previous night. With the each new college day, what was new was the new girl, new comments, new image in eyes of new girl and nothing else. That were the LAFANGEY PARINDEY boyzzzzz....

So guys, whenever the wakeup call comes, remember you can always ignite the spark. The flame is always smouldering within. The race is not yet over bcoz you have not won yet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dedicated to my frndzzz....

Ye world hai na world, isme do tarah

ke log hote hain. Ek jo saari life ek

hi kaam karte hain aur doosre jo ek hi

life mein saare kaam kar daalte hain.

And that's me....THANKS 2 my frnds.

In this oasis, i deter yet does not matter

i'm on an adventure wid my frndzzzz

& in this oasis guided by my voices,

i made made my choices.

I would Like to thanks my frnd in B.Tech...

Ashish : My pal from 1st yr and my pyaara bihari babu.

Manish : Atul no. 2...very close to my type. My lafangey parin dey frnd.

Sunil : A crorepati frnd from village but very special.

Upendra : He knows most of d secrets of my life.

Anshu : Sabse seedha dost.

Himanshu : Padaku no. 1 aur behno ka bhaiya.

Aman : Always innovative...and most important in case of gals too.

Mohit : Pyaar ka mamle me world record banane wala dost.

Kaler : Bhai kya kahen button to aaj tak nahi mila is frnd ko......

Akshay : Diploma....Rag ka diwana....bhai TCS me kir rag ko bhool jana.

Also thanks to my hostelers frnds...

Mudit (seniors ka pyaara junior), Avinash(seedha saadha), Anurag (+ve Attitude ), Satya (Mera sable pehla room partner), Jay(dancer), Somesh(blue star ke saathi) and all d girls in my college life.