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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Journey from India to UK !!

Here I am back after long break of 4 months. It’s long time when I was figuring out my career to be made as per my wish or else to change my wish and yes finally I did it. The long awaited onsite dreams come true , though failed 2 times in lottery for America but settled up with United Kingdom. Not a bad deal at all.

The day I got campus placement , mind was ready to go abroad and so waited waited waited. People asked why being in mallu land for so long. I was void of answers but I knew that one day I will get. But what you desire is not the real happiness. Realized it after coming to UK.

No doubt hand is full of cash which can’t be even dreamed in India but trust me person stays here with mindset of money savings only and not happily by their wish. I miss my people from India, I miss my dearest one with whom I laughed , cried and spent each and every seconds possible whole day. I miss diwali and getogether on festivals. Worst diwali ever I am seeing being on overseas and fighting with dearest friend.

Sacrificed many things for this onsite. Missed sister’s engagement , mostly will not be able to attend her marriage too. Hope to return soon after completion of 1 year tenurity. No hard feeling with UK. It’s best country to live in. It’s much more better than what we have perception from Hollywood movies. Fashionable people, perfect natural maintained cities and awesome place to enjoy freedom and live your life, everything is here lekin wo kehte hain na pardesh to pardesh hi hota hain jab apne saath na ho !!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kochi, You Are Not The Same !!

Kochi, something is wrong in you now. You don’t look the same you were before. Not sure what but something has changed , something is lost from here. Don’t you feel so… ??

  • Butterflies seems to have flown away from your city now !!
  • Subway’s outlet seems to be closed now here !!
  • Zinger burger is zinger less now !!
  • Shawarma’s went back to Arabic countries now !!
  • Samosa chat , Bhajji, vada pao , panipuri here are tasteless now !!
  • Import of FF, Chambakya, mango ends here now !! 
  • Weekend Gateway looks like a old thoughts now here !!
  • Ocean side parks became a past !!
  • ‘Marine Drive’ drive doesn’t looks to be happening again for me !!
  • Malls not sure but indeed Lullu hypermarket re-occurance is doubtful !!
  • Shopping was sometimes passion and not it has changed to need only !!
  • 1 day long ride outing on ZMR looks impossible now !!
  • Dhaba order closed now…Kochi you took away my favourite food too !!
  • Routine has changed from home to office and back to home now !!
  • Zest & Zeal to wait for the very next good moments seems to be changed into a long wait !!
  • TCS Instant Messaging ‘Sametime’ login is useless now !!

For sure Kochi significance seems to be changed now. Kochi , you are not for me now. Making my status as ‘Unavailable’ right now and assure you that, not many days left when I will sign-off soon from Kochi.

I will miss you Kochi !!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yes, I’m an IT Engineer!!

Every software industry professional has a curse on them to hear same dialogues numerously from a large number of crowd, Be it relatives or friends and don’t know who all..Oh you are also IT Engineer?  Arey tension dene wali duniya ..what do you mean by ‘also’ in that question. Why you make us ponder again if we did any mistake becoming an IT engineer.

Completed engineering, got campus placed easily, joined IT industry. What’s a big deal in it. Yes we didn’t sweat our underwear’s dropping a year after graduation to prepare for Bank entrance, any PSU or any Navaratna government job. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have balls to do so. Being one of the 60 placed students from competitor participating strength of 450 in same college, obviously needs some balls. Though agree we went along with crowd joining IT field. But should all engineer join banks to do financial and paper works just for making would be father-in-law agree to accept our proposal to marry his daughter.

No money... No peace...No job satisfaction...Hectic schedules...All part of IT. But does any bank employee satisfied holding a engineering degree and doing data entry job on some old chair used by big butt farter predecessors. Atleast in IT we get some standard sitting all the time in AC :D

There was a time when IT was a renowned job but huge job percentage has given it a image of shadow. IT has boomed like anything making other field jobs with rare opportunity. People are moving to preference of peaceful and permanent career like bank. No risk of recession, no one wants to be one of the many software engineer in same colony. It has been given image of job by needs or job by failures. Thing is that no one is happy with what job they do. Life becomes monotonous if we stay in same field. Entertainment in life is all about change. Change is risky but satisfactory. Everyone aspires for change but not courageous enough to go for it.

Oh yeah I’m an IT engineer...Yes I am...yup you are correct...me too!! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015


It’s 29th Mar 2015, 0414 PM IST, Final presentations got over & Kangaroo’s are holding ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup. Seeing this scene, something is mourning inside me , inside each and very Indian. All Indian cricket lovers are silent , but something is erupting inside them today. Everyone’s soul is telling that It was ours and It is supposed to be ours.

During WC-2015 , I never posted anything on FB, never tweeted , never instagramed , never showed any cricket spirit publicly . I never criticized anyone or showed my support for my team publicly . But yes I was die-hard following it silently. But I feel little broken now after seeing WC in others hand.

It was not any player loss but it was loss for billion population of India. World would be Soccer fans but we Indians are strictly cricket fans. And yes Kohli this loss was not your loss too, everyone knows what you are capable of but it was just you gave them a silly Anushka reason to criticize you. They are just bunch of stupids who are behind your’s and Anushka relation, but it’s also true that you could have played well in knockouts :(

But Yes, it’s correct #Respect to Indian cricket team. We really played like a champions. We were never favourite until WC start , but once WC started we were everyone’s favourite. Until Semis Aussies were nowhere but we just had a bad day. We had the best players with best team who deserved cup again. Only problem is we didn’t delivered on the day when it was required the most. We had plans for it but was not executed properly. #Respect to Dhoni for your unmatched captaincy skills, Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli ,Raina, Rahane for you batting performances, Ashwin , Umesh ,Shami , Mohit for your incredible unexpected aggressive temperament. Infact most #Respect to Indian team as a whole than individual. But no comments for Sir Jadega. I still feel we did a mistake replacing allrounder like Yuvi with you. Might be it time again to bring focus on Sir Jadega troll’s again.

Campaign started with #WeWontGiveItBack and still we are high on it. We have not given it back yet. It lives in our soul and we believe it is still ours. Only cup needs to be snatched back from Kangaroo’s in 2019. With addition of 2 more supporters to this #WeWontGiveItBack campaign for 2019 , I will be watching next cricket world cup with my wife and kid :D :P

Cheers for Team India !!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

It’s time for some real practical Comedy !!

It’s been almost 5 years of my blogging interest & always I have been criticized about writing posts which are more philosophical . Yes, I agree to it totally. Just because I don’t have any comedy idea , doesn’t mean that I do not blog about anything. Might be this has become my writing style. I really enjoyed being able to blog with creativity of philosophy. Let’s make a change this time, wanted to start 2015 year with a little humour.

But again I am void of any humour from my life. I really can’t understand what’s a comedy blog is. Someone has said that comedy is most difficult thing to do. Really it’s difficult to make someone laugh. But can say that our surrounding is full of comedy. We can easily find something to laugh around us.
  • Isn’t it humorous when you listen to people talking around you as Hey Dude !! Wassup dude ?? !! Where are you dude?? !!… Don’t know about everyone but I really get a smile listening to such talks. Might be I am yet to become modern like them to use such a slang :D :P
  • Isn’t it humorous that public enjoys 50’s turned Salman and Shahrukh overacting shits on big screen? But yes Amir is exceptional in same age to be allowed to still act because he deserves it.
  • Isn’t it a comedy that Kerala 54 years old superstar 'MohanLal'  starting a music band at this age. It’s like Amitabh Bachan trying to become young Arijit Singh. Nothing to say more.
  • Isn’t it humorous that highly appreciated most needed campaign against moral policy  ‘Kiss of Love’ originated in a state where people are most conserved in India. Really it’s a slap on the thinking of people here.
  • Don’t you feel to laugh when some sick workaholic continues to discuss loudly on call about client requirements , progress or defect fix  in cafeteria , lift lobbies or even in washrooms. Seriously hilarious corporate people !!
  • It's really a comedy when some people hype themselves with lots of enthusiasm turning to be as time killers. Comedy with a frustration to be trapped.
  • Isn’t it a comedy to do an arranged marriage , marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other.
  • I think I can easily convince you to add Santa-Banta , Alia Bhatt , Sir Ravindra Jadega & Alok Nath in your mind to laugh on comedies without any reason. :D :P Yes that’s what they have become popular for in 2014.

Life is really full of comedies which sneaks from people around us  !! It's all about our sense of humour which matters to laugh. I think again I diverted to philosophy :D What to do, it's
creativity of philosophy, my style of writing :D :P !!!