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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Me and my ZMR ! Simply Wow !

Hi guys , though  my dream bike is Hayabusa but being in India that too belonging to a middle class family this was heights of any dream. Though not Hayabusa but still I have experienced From “Bajaj Scooty” to “Hero Honda Passion Plus” to “Pulsar 150” , thanks to my dad for all this. 

But now its time for biggie “Karizma ZMR- Above all”, the bike I loved from the day it was released in India. I never liked the old versions of Karizma ever that’s  why opted for Pulsar 3 years back  but the latest release of Karizma , the ZMR has made me crazy about it and best is ZMR-Pearl White, it’s simply stunning.
So finally I got my dream come true. Bought my white ZMR this month. From the looks , style to performance this bike is awesome yaar.

Main Technical Features of  Hero Karizma ZMR:

Engine: 223cc
Power: 17.6 bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 18.35 N-m @ 6000rpm
Gears: 5

- PGM-Fi: Programmable Fuel Injection 
- 16 Bit ECU Processor For Rapid Digital Fuel Injection Mapping
- Oil Cooled Engine
- 12 Hole Fuel Injector For Better Atomization Of Fuel
- Engine Oil Temperature Sensor Which Provides Different Fuel Mixtures At Different Temperatures
- Intake Air Temperature Sensor Which Senses The Intake Air Temp To Determine & Supply The Optimum Air To Fuel Ratio
- Throttle Position Sensor Which Detects Throttle Opening & Provides Input To The ECU
- Crank Position Sensor Which Senses The Position & Time At Which Fuel Needs To Be Injected In Relation To Crank Angle
- Oxygen Sensor Ensures Correct Air Fuel Ratio For The Catalytic Convertor
- Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
- Idle Air Control Valve
- Gas Charged Shock Absorbers
- Rear Disc Brake

Main Design Features Of  Hero’s  Karizma ZMR:

- Full Front Fairing
- Split Clip On Handle Bars
- Body Coloured Split Rear Grab Rails
- Mirrors Mounted On The Fairing
- New Rear Mud Guard 
- New Headlamp & Tail Lamp Which Is Now LED
- Rear Disc Brakes
- Turn Indicators Mounted On Front Fairing
- New Graphics
- Slightly Reprofiled Body Work
- Body coloured rear view mirrors
- New deign for silencer and heat sheild
- Blue back-lit instrument cluster
- ZMR logo on the instrument cluster

Hero's New Karizma ZMR comes packed with more power, more style and more aggression but the new model leaves us expecting for more!! This bike has obvious lead over Yamaha R15 and Pulsar220.