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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mesmerizing Kerala !!

Being in Kerala from last 3 years 15 days , I never wrote about Kerala and its beauty. Though it was always there inside me , even though I always admired the beauty. During the recent journey  from Tamil Nadu (Madurai) back to Kerala from one of my friend marriage reception, I realized the difference between Kerala and other states. I realized that what I missed in my blog. I realized how fool I was not to pen down my glorious past 3 years of experience of my life in Kerala till now. Every time I come back to Kerala  I’m reminded of why it’s known as ‘God’s own country’, this is the place of simple joys!

Kerala has many faces and names. Some call it as the ‘Land of Coconuts’ and some “Land of Spices” while some call it ‘Land of Elephants’!! It is indeed incredible with its unique geographic features. It’s serenity, chains of green hills and prominent coconut trees, which just soothes the soul. Each one of us will be truly inspired by natural beauty of Kerala. I think, no better setting may be found anywhere in this world for sea, mountains, beach,backwaters, lakes, rivers, waterfalls --- Nature bestowed with open arms to Kerala !!
          Thangaloor village of Kerala

The day I landed in Kochi after completing my 3 months training in State Capital (Trivandrum), Kochi  was like any other busy city of our country, though in a richly landscape. Kochi has one of the best natural harbours in the world. It commands the sea-lanes of the Arabian Sea and is close enough to the Indian Ocean to make it a major port. 

During my stay of 3 years in Kerala , I have roamed some marvelous places which are worth for each penny. Below are the places with my experience :

Munnar – One of the main tourist detination of Kerala , famous for Hill slopes and Tea  plantations.

 Athirapally waterfalls - Been there 3 times , and first time interest was because of bollywood movie Ravan was shooted here with Aishwarya :D Athirapally is the land of rivers and forests and great waterfalls!The destination houses the largest waterfall in Kerala, the Athirapally waterfal. Its a scenic place and an amazing sight to behold.The place where maximum part of the movie "RAVAN" was shooted.


Paniyeli Poru - A milky waterfall that would allure you even from a distance; beautiful rivulets with lucid streams of water that would wash away the worries and weariness of everyday life. Awesome weather.... 100 km bike trip.. continous drizzle nd sudden rains.. Beautifull place..Miraculous scenery.... Trekking... & Kerala special Toddy :-P Really enjoyed the place 'Paniyeli Poru' !.! :-) :-D

Vagamon - Also known as the 'Scotland of Asia'. Still untouched by commercialisation, the sleepy town with its scenic valleys, beautiful green meadows, enchanting pine forests, mists, fogs, tea estates, waterfalls with the overall greenery is really striking. The landscape is mostly hilly bald with green meadows. Vagamon is also home to a large variety of flowers and orchids.

Alleppey ( Allappuzha)- Mararikulam & Alleppey Beaches - Alappuzha is an important tourist destination in India. The Backwaters of Alappuzha are the most popular tourist attraction in Kerala. 


Valparai –Even though this place is in Tamil Nadu but the journey from Kerala to TN made the trip. It was time for biggie and It was really biggie....345 km Bike ride ,2 days trip, Overnight stay in chilled hills, From Kerala to Tamil Nadu , 110 km bike ride in alone jungle where noone was there to accompany you !!!! It was awesome..Once in life time trip. :)

Poovar and Kovalam , Varkala Beaches (Trivandrum)
Proximity to Trivandrum, Poovar is truly a window into paradise. The sound of waves and whistling of birds punctuate the tranquillity. ...
where estuaries , backwater and sea are in kissing position..!!!!

Ernakulam - 

Fort Kochi - Fort Kochi in Ernakulam district of Kerala is the first European township in India. Chinese fishing nets along the Vasco Da Gama Square, Santa Cruz Basilica and many more.

Marine Drive - Marine Drive is a picturesque promenade in Kochi, Kerala, India. It is built facing the backwaters, and is a popular hangout for the local populace. Ironic to its name, no vehicles are allowed on the walkway.

Mattancherry- Mattancherry is a part of Ernakulam District in Kerala, India.It is a tourist destination. It is surrounded by the backwaters of Arabian Sea.Mattancherry was the first trade hub of the present district.

Dutch Palace - The Mattancherry Palace is a Portuguese palace popularly known as the Dutch Palace.

Willington Island - Willingdon Island was claimed from the Lake of Kochi, filling in dredged soil around a previously existing, but tiny, natural island. Willingdon Island is significant as the home for the Port of Kochi, as well as the Kochi Naval Base (the Southern Naval Command) of the Indian Navy and Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, a constituent unit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Wonder La amusement park

Chinese fishing net

Natural Harbours

But then nothing is perfect. Kerala has its own share of negatives and drawbacks. That’s part of the parcel! :D I must say mallu’s don’t have any taste of food and clothing. They have their own culture and traditions which is above all , but I can bet no one from any part of India will like their food , except them. 

I was not at all interested in seeing ladies of Kerala dressed in those electrifying gold-bordered white traditional cottons ( the ones we get to see in Kerala pamphlets ), And as expected modernity has swept the Kerala, like it has all over India. Salwar-kameej, Jeans makes such a effect  on the traditional landscapes. 

Neverthoughless ,Finally I can proudly say that I got the chance to live in Kerala. The immense beauty and charisma of Kerala has given me clean and sound soul to say about. I can never forget the Onam celebration , all time rainy season, and the greenery. Thanks Kerala !!


  1. Bhai trisuur missing hai list me. Please edit this post.....

    1. Ha ha ha saale..thrissur included h bhai bas dekh na ki nazar honi chaiye

  2. wonderfulll....kerala has always been one of my dream destinations...
    but aftr this i feel lyk visiting ths place as soon as possible...:-)

  3. yes bike ride from kochi to valparai ll always be a great memory

  4. Great!! Finally you have written a blog about the place which you are residing since last 3 years :P
    The major significance is that, you covered the places which you have been to and also succeeded to visualize the beauty of each land.
    There are still many places that you must visit in Kerala. I wish you may get chances in future to explore the more beauty and the grace of the ‘land of coconut’ :P :P

    1. I believe i missed the best place ' The Thrissur' which I need to cover before leaving Kerala :P Also please provide me the names of other places (Wayanad, Thrissur etc.)

  5. Hello Sir.. Excuse me.. I am not a guide here :P :P
    Athirappalli Waterfalls is already in Thrissur and Kerala cannot be complete without it's Culture Capital that is Thrissur :P :P

    You must visit the districts like Wayanad, Kannur, Palakkad and all. Plan for next time when you are getting chance. :) :) :)

    Cheers !!

    1. Hail Lakshmi Mam !!!
      Thanks for your suggestions. I will try my maximum to cover above mentioned places before leaving kerala. And yes I will make plan for 2 days Thrissur visit as this is cultural capital and I think I can see many cultural heritage of Kerala here. :P :D