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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No Status To Be Stated !!


If you keenly look around you ,then you will understand that in this e-socialized world, our privacy is jeopardized due to our emotional weaknesses.

We can see people putting very good matter stuffed display pictures related to love, hate, anger, romance etc etc and thus saying the unsaid. And then comes main culprit – ‘The statuses’ . For an example, You say someone that you are not having affair and then you update status related to love revealing it to those 100 people whom you told nothing is there. To show 1 person you update status ,but unknowingly you share secrets to everyone else too.  Arey bhai ye public hain public sab jaati hain.

It becomes more worse when old generation totally unaware of social networking power jumps into the battle field. Two such real life examples I have seen within my relatives.  One just posted 'fuck' as his FB status, don’t know after thinking what. And other commenting on forward chains of posts which says that after commenting such and such, half naked girl will turn to fully naked. They might be totally unaware that doing such activities will be updated on their friends feeds too .Obviously men will be men. I agree that but this tharkiness is not to be displayed to your younger relatives.

So I got an idea. What If I don't state the statuses of my life status, then how anyone will come to know the status of my statuses. And it worked ... ab ghanta pata laga k dikhao. Sherlock bano Sherlock,  Doordarshan ka Jasoos Vijay nahi.

I remember my watsapp status being only 3 in my whole tenurity of usage.  1st  being 'Available ' , 2nd with new contact number after coming overseas but keeping same old India watsapp number profile' and 3rd being 'No status to be stated'. If I say hypothetically that I have girlfrnd then how many times I fought,  how many times I was sad due to personal or career issues but did anyone came to know?  Never. ..ahhhh fuck it...never. .I can bet !!

I believe why to shout it loud for everyone when most of people are there to laugh and enjoy on your situation rather than being with you in your needs. Friend in need is friend indeed but you can't expect everyone on e-social platform to be such a friend. Give it a thought. Rest is your choice, after all sequence of betrayal happens in your life not others.


  1. Great thought and strong attitude !!! Salute ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe atleast someone started following..Let's see how far you go :D :P

  3. i am in bhai :D
    i am following it too :)

    1. Welcome to no status to be stated group bhai :)

    2. Why just status? Whats your thoughts about sharing pics on insta?

    3. Why just status? Whats your thoughts about sharing pics on insta?

    4. Bhai...Same goes with insta too if you have wide number of followers with whom you don't want to share ur insta pics ;) If you allow random friends to follow then don't share private pics or else limit your friends ;)