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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unboxing Myself : After bike accident !!

So here I go , let me unbox myself after my bike accident on 2nd october,2014. Outer package looks good as always but what we can say for inner product . Yes let’s open the box now.

Oh no no no I must say product doesn’t has very good first impression. It doesn’t please your eyes. From top to bottom , right side of the body is not smooth. It does has humps on right hand side. Though there is no complain for the left side of product. If this product has human body parts then I can say right hand, leg , elbow and shoulder has some external white bandages and also few glitches in finishing of other right hand areas. This product really needs a wash soon.

But yes after few days of hand on experience I must say metabolism is perfectly functioning. And soon we can expect a big improvement in the design and look too. I think charger (ZMR) of this product is also in service center for repair, a biggggie repair. Hope to see everything in perfect shape soon along with charger.

I must say , this product is functioning because of some very good skilled people who owns me a lot. Thanks to Lakshmi ji & Eldho ji for what you have done for this product. I don’t have words to tell and don’t want to point out all those things too. But really you guys own each and every part of this product. It’s because of you 2 guys that without informing manufacturer (i.e My family), this product got repaired. And yes thanks to my roommate shiva too, for taking care of this product.

Along with them few more people are there to whom I would like to thanks – Vaibhav, Ramesh,  Rahul ,Meenakshi, Jim,  Rejeesh, Nidhin , Vinod, Nikhil, Manu , Sebin , Soujanya , Jyothi , Deepak , Sony Mathew , Nigiel ,Arun, Shameer, Ajit , Shankar , Bijilesh , Suresh for stopping by and seeing the product during repair in garage. And nevertheless my roomies Arun and Amogh to supply power during my stay in godown ;) 

Humble sorry to my parents, brother , cousins, relatives and all bangalore close friends for informing them so late. Never wanted to trouble anyone living so far from here , as you can see how many above skilled people were around me for my repair.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thrive for power – Thunder am coming !!

This post was first drafted some 13 days back, but it took this much long to publish due to some inabilities to do so. You know some urgent  unfinished business related to bike only while being in hospital. Wo kehte h na, detailed real life experience to write this post. Now I am back to home though not physically fit  but yes mentally fit to write. Anyways I will forget my last 10 days of life and will write this as I would have written 11 days back.

When I ride on my ZMR and any bull or Harley overtakes me, then sometime I feel who is best. A sports bike like my ZMR or cruisers like Bull-Harley. I ponder over it many times, if I should have taken a Bull instead of ZMR. I ponder if power and look of ZMR anywhere withstand superior to Bull? Obviously I won’t compare to high segment here .. Keeping Harley aside meanwhile.

ZMR offers me sportiveness with a better mileage as compared to Bull. Harley is my dream bike, this cruiser cruises me over my couch each and every time. Though bull will give me 350-500 cc power with a better class, but my passion was always a sports bike atleast till last year. I still wish to own CBR lying in same category. But now mindset seems to be changing now a days. I am loving cruisers more than sports bike. 

This might be due to reason that I own a sports bike since almost 3 years and got bored of this style factor. But yes first choice is never to be repented on because that only made me crazy few years back. Now my next bike which will be definitely cruiser this time that has to be progressively in order depending on the cash required to own it.

I would prefer to own an Bullet Desert storm soon but before that I wish to own a Avenger too as it will cost me half of cash comparatively to Bull . And obviously Harley-Davidson is my dream bike of life which will be mine one day. Not soon but it will be one day. Finally my thirst for power will be over only after Harley , as no other bike is comparable to this power beast.

Totally agree with Harley-Davidson “You don’t know where the line is until you cross it”.