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Friday, September 10, 2010

Journey of my comp life!!

I still remember the day when my dad brought a desktop for me when I was in class 8th .That day the shopkeeper came in his own car to deliver the computer at my home.This was because buying a computer at that time was very rare shopping for a person. One of the best configuration at that time Pentium III, 128 MB Ram,40 GB hard disk,white CRT monitor with a HP inkjet printer for 38 K.

Unfortunately for me it was like not knowing how to ride a bicycle and given a motorcycle to ride. Really at that time i was not knowing how to shut down a computer. After installation i asked that computer guy to install games.....my next question was uncle “ye computer band kaise karte h”. He smiled and then told me how to shutdown a PC.

Though in Bishop Conrad School we were taught language “LOGO” and “BASIC” in class 8th but i was having NIL knowledge in basic knowledge of computer because we were given a already started computer with the console of language and we were not allowed to open anything else in school.

So now it was the time to explore what i was not allowed in school. But a child in class 8th was much fascinated by playing games rather than anything else.I with my school friends (Pushkar, Siddhant,Qasim...) used to play the only game “DAMORASH” orderly and it was the daily scenario before and after coaching.

Slowly and steady i gained interest in computer field and i took computer science as subject in class 11th and 12th. This interest continued as i took admission in B.TECH in computer science branch, after 12th in SRMSCET. And now i am placed in India No. 1 and world’s No. 5 software company TCS as a software engineer.

I never knewed that incident in class 8th would change my life. Thanks to my dad and thanks to my 9 years old P–III computer which is still functioning well. Though my dad gifted me a new LENOVO laptop recently after being placed in TCS, that desktop will always be my best gift i ever had in my life.

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  1. Hey bro I too had a PC like yours. I was in 9th standard at that time....... But Damn I am not interested in Computers or Programming. I am in IT field only by chance.