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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bareilly to Trivandrum @ TCS : Ab Kanniyakumari door nahi

It was 29th September, the day i was waiting for, after some how completing my B.Tech (Bachelor in tension of engineering and career halucinations). This was the day i got my TCS joining day as 22nd Nov 2010 at Trivandrum (THIRUVANANTHAPURAM).

Yes Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of southest Indian state Kerala, which is at a distance of just 80 km from kanniyakumari (south end point of india). The city which is approx 3200 km away from my home(in bareilly) with a travel duration of 60 hours by an express train.

This beautiful district is considered to be the abode of the sacred snake Anandan and hence the name Thiru ‘anantha’ puram. India’s finest technology park is positioned in this district showing the progress in information and technology.

It’s time now to adapt to latest fashion trend---LUNGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (It would be most difficult for me,so sorry kerala)

It’s time now to learn Malayalam.

It’s time now to say good bye to north Indian food.

It’s time now to get addict to Idli sambhar- Idli sambhar- Idli sambhar in breakfast,lunch and dinner.

It’s time now to greet someone as Namaskaram instead of Namaskar.

It’s time now that people conversating infront of me and me just trying to get a little bit of it by just their expressions only.

From childhood i have only listened ‘Kashmir to Kanniyakumari’ about india. But now i can say ‘Bareilly to Trivandrum’...Ab Kanniyakumari door nahi. Wo kehte h na paisa kamane ke liye log kahin bhi ja sakte h !!!!

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