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Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 Ultimate girlfriend mysteries solved !!

Awesome  Article from TOI.

In this day and age, mankind has figured out how to engineer a nanoparticle to walk the dog, post a letter and empty the crumbs from the kitchen toaster.

And yet, your lady (or the lady you want) can still confound you with wants and needs you just don't understand.

Is there some way to hack into this FOS (Female Operating System)? Maybe an online translator that can interpret the language of the modern girlfriend?

Well, we can't explain every inexplicable thing she does. But we can highlight the most familiar (no doubt) scenarios and give you a cross-sectioned, 3-D snapshot of her brain at that moment along with a little bonus perspective.

Here, the top 10 confounding girlfriend mysteries, defounded:

Mystery No. 1: She wears killer shoes .
She insists on wearing shoes that have no resemblance to the human foot, then complains that her feet are killing her.
Mystery No. 2: She's fickle with frenemies.
She can go from best friend to mortal enemy with someone within 48 hours (and revert back in 72).
Mystery No. 3: Her self-esteem is a fashion victim.
An article of clothing can make her feel thin or fat.
Mystery No. 4: She gets flash hunger attacks.
When she gets hungry, she has to eat "right now" or she'll faint. (Didn't she see it coming?)
Mystery No. 5: She clones her clothes.
She buys multiple items of clothing that look exactly the same.
Mystery No. 6: She bans many foods.
One food can become vilified virtually overnight. (Salad dressing has to be on the side etc.)
Mystery No. 7: She's best friends with celebs.
She feels perfectly entitled to talk about an actress/singer/socialite and that celebrity's outfits/boyfriend/makeup in detail, though she's never actually met her (and probably never will).
Mystery No. 8: She preps forever.
"Throwing on some jeans" takes at least half an hour.
Mystery No. 9: She hairballs the pipes.
Much like steel wool, small dense nests of her long hair clog the sink and shower drains constantly.
Mystery No. 10: She's 360-degree self-obsessed.
She's as obsessed about looking as good from the back and sides as from the front (hence the yoga-inspired contortions in front of the mirror to inspect herself from all angles).

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