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Sunday, August 11, 2013

IT Sucks !! No , Seriously – It Does.

I’ve spent  around  three  years in Computers software & IT industry , where my experience lacked job satisfaction and only marginally advanced my career.  It’s been long known and understood that IT industry is one of the most employing industries and the youth has been running behind it like never before.

The job primarily being sitting-on-a-chair sorts gives way to many problem to an IT engineer. There are so many reasons why working for the 'IT Man' sucks. Badly managed companies have high turnover, low morale, and employees who hate their jobs. 

Salaries Geared towards so called uniform linear negligible rate : 

IT industry pays average and sucks even better   !!! 

Annual Reviews - What a fucking joke.  Seriously, annual reviews is one of the most demoralizing tools that Corporate IT has in its plate. Even though your  group was outstanding that year (Each and every person) , you all will be required by the system to have High, medium and low rated people... WHAT THE HELL???? MNC's IT company revenue is increasing each quarter but then why the salary increment rate not increasing. Seems that was written with blood on an affidavit when company started functioning.

Why would anyone stay around for the ridiculous 3-7% increase in salary when they can now jump to a new company and get a 30-60% increase in salary?

Working conditions :

I agree that IT industry has one of the best working culture depending on the company and the brand but here is the twist.

IT industry provides AC,chair, resources, recreation facilities.There is no field job to be done. Though we are not doing any Bhag-Milkha–Bhag type of rigorous physical work but  what about the mental pressure an IT employee bears being in such a political arena. Yes, I told political arena, because it’s political battle only inside the industry. Always the beginner is crushed in this battle which kills you part by part, because you can’t help yourself.

Are we just working for the condition only, what about our satisfaction to work for our company with loyalty. Why this higher management never try to understand.

Instead of hiring more workforce and increasing the employees and the so called bench strength, why they don’t concentrate on our their present employee. Will they not give the same output if their demands are fulfilled.

Career growth & Onsite Oppurtunity :

A person (Obviously always Leads) going to onsite is never gonna  come back. If for some reason he comes back then, that ‘s just for a month trip. His VISA will be renewed and he will be sent again as if he became inglorious bastard , an American idiot who can't work in India anymore. Never expect that a fresher will be given opportunity on priority basis. It’s always your higher level will eat the fruit which you grow. 

It HAS happened, it will continue TO happen, and it will never STOP happening, as this has affected every side of the IT industry.

Quality of Workforce – Hiring and Retaining Of Unqualified IT Employees :

You may find that the talent around you is watered down. The trend is to cut costs. It doesn’t matter the quality of talent. They will be polished to work what is expected from them, after all that is what IT industry is doing at cheap cost. What can they get more cheaper than this. Finally , you end up with a situation where there are 10 unnecessary people  supporting  2 person who is actually working.

Real talent who is never recognized for his work will leave for a better job . The others will hope to keep their paying jobs as long as possible, hoping no one realizes they don't have a clue as to what they are doing.  These people, of course, will eventually become IT Managers!!!  What you end up with is a corporation that encourages its worst employees to stay and its best employees to leave , making the remained shits as the icecream toppings. Not only do the worst employees stay, they get promoted. 

How demoralizing is it when your IT manager makes all the mistakes that you learned not to do in your profession some years ago? This person is managing your IT Shop???? 

Finally I will conclude saying to IT employees, that get yourself a job satisfaction , be it any way. If you are able to survive in this political world with your tricks then well and good. You are the real winner. Or else your challenge is to plot an exit strategy and execute on it methodically, but without losing your spirit. Hope I will also sail across this ocean one day with success.


  1. AS you mentioned about onsite opportunity Mr. Atul. Now after having 3 years of experience if some fresher is being sent to onsite (considering he is more talented) instead of you.
    Then what, will you get job satisfaction then??
    Don't answer me, answer yourself.

    1. The case which you are telling Mr . Anonymous , why don't you think that in that scenario I would have also gone to onsite long back as fresher. Why I would have waited for 3 years. It's easy to argue but difficult to think from other perspective, because I am damn sure you are lucky enough to be onsite.