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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Corporate , Professionals & their Work Culture !!

Experience of 4 years in IT Indian industry has made me come across many types of working professionals here. If I broadly describe , then below are the categories :

1.   Workoholic’s with Non-Productivity : One who is highly career over energized and is ready to do anything . How long, how much hectic , in his reach?...these things doesn’t matter to them. They will always accept the work & sit 24*7 to finish their work slowly and steady. But the work they do takes more than average time. These people are hardworkers but non-productive. But higly visible in leads eyes and mostly recognized.

2.   Workaholic’c and Productive : These are the guys who are serious about their work when they work. These are real talents. They will do more amount of work with minimum time. They will give the feel of workaholic during their working time but they will leave office on time. Best candidates for onsite opputunities but sometime not properly recognized.

3.     Casual doer’s : These guys knows the truth of industry that working or not , they are not going to get the benefit as expected so better not to work hardly and enjoy their life. They just go office to get their monthy salary. These guys might be intelligent but not ready to work.

4.   Dumb Professionals : Seriously doubt on companies selection criteria after seeing them in same office where you are. These are the ones who needs more hard work of team in providing transitions to them, than what they give in return to team. Highly inefficient and waste of company money.

Also there is a another way to categorize them depending on the orientation to their interest. Depending on what they (excluding dumbs here) are working for. What’s the thing which motivates them to work with efficiency. Below are another classification how professional achieve their work satisfactions:

1. Learners – They want to learn more and more and more. New technology motivates them and bring their interest in work. But these are the one who will switch companies very early once getting good opportunities.

2. Money satisfaction – One who works to get a significant increment in salary. Mind it, these folks are best to trust on. But they won’t work for free.

3. Passionate to go onsite – From the day they joined company, their aim is to get onsite. What they need to do doesn’t matter. Give them onsite and see their outputs. They will out-mind you with their performance.

4. Unnamed – I can’t give any name to these guys as no one can say what they want. They don’t work for money, they don’t want onsite but they work like anything even if there is nothing to learn much.

Above classifications obviously open an arena of arguments to decide what should be the correct way to get self satisfied and make company also satisfied. But someone said correctly as below:

There is a notable distinction between being busy and being productive. Being busy doesn’t necessarily means that you’re productive.”

A person who sits in office till late is not a hardworking person, but he/she is a fool who doesn't know how to finish work in simulated time. Beside he is a loser in life who doesn't have personal or social life. Many career professionals, raised in the era of information and communication overload, have the false idea that staying at work for longer hours will make you more productive.

But here is the catch “Am I damaging my reputation by arriving and leaving on-time?” .This is the doubt many have. But sorry guys this is unanswerable query. As your team , your lead are the ones who are deciding this. Few may be happy but others may be worried. But thing is, this has to be rebelled or else you are going to me made a machine who is working without his will, just to impress his leads. Leads have to understand and they need to focus on productivity rather than number of hours spent in office.

I believe life does not mean coming to office, going home and sleeping, there is more to a life. You need a time to socialize, entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Don’t make your life meaningless. 

Most of the countries limit the legal amount of time you are supposed to work. in France it's 35, in others it's 40, etc. But this is a major cultural problem we have in modern society here in India. Here we don’t have limit…9,10,11,12… and even more hours is normal for many Indian software engineers. That’s the reason MNC’s are able to generate revenues specially in IT here,  as outsourcing from India is highly encouraged by other companies due to cheap and best reason.

      Let’s Join hands together for a change. If not for yourself atleast for 
        others who believe in my above thoughts !!

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