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Friday, August 20, 2010


"The matix has you", This line on the NEO computer.....what does it means? Have you ever thought.?????? Every one lives two lifes. One of these life has future and other doesn't have it. You have the look of the man who accept what he sees bcoz he is expected to wake up.What a person is,you cannot explain but you can feel it.

Do you know what i am talking about??? Do you wanna know what it is???

Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even within you. Matrix is the the world which is pulled around your eyes to make you blind away from truth. Matrix is the faceoff for your mind. Unfortunately no one can be told what exactly matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.

What is real??? How do you define real??? Are you talking about what you see in anyone is real??? Real is interpreted signals by your brain what you see by your naked eyes. You are made to percept what one wants to.

  • If I have the image of a bad boy, is it real? Am I not having features of good boy ?
  • If I donot study in lectures, is it real? Am I not willing to or I never study ?
  • If I look forward to every beautiful girl, Am I not trustable by my future life partner ?
  • If I comment on everyone, Am I not decent in real?
  • If I bunk classes, Am I not punctual ?
  • If I am lafangey parindey type, will i never be social ?
  • If I am freaky, Will I never be professional ?
  • If I sometimes donot show gratitude to elders, Do I not respect them ?

Answer to each of above question is N & O , "NO". This perception what you have for me is fake. You see what i want you to see in me. You feel what I wanna make you feel about me. You percept what I wanna make you percept about me. I don’t care if my image is good or bad. My friends enjoy with me and others who do not f**k off.

I believe that One should always enjoy his present days without trying to become what is not required today. Ex:- If you are decent and punctual in your college life, you have not enjoyed your college life. Those humans are F**king shits. And I hate them. Something suits you when it is needed and not doing the same prematurely.

I just wanna say that a person is always unexpected. So dude never believe on what you see , but try to see the matrix in a person. A person can be different from the way you see him.

Last question:

If I have used some vulgar words in my post, Am i very vulgar???

NO, this is what i want you to percept about me !!!! You are still in my matrix dear... !!!

MATRIX continues...


  1. too deep....and a little more philosophical....as usual...mysterious....

  2. too deep....and a little more philosophical....as usual...mysterious....-sheetal