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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stupids & Stupidity – The Politicians & their Politics !!

This would be my first attempt to write about stupidity & stupids - The Politics and their savior Politicians. In my view politicians are bastards and people having political views are most manipulative and are very dangerous. I know I am not eligible to criticize about them and I have no interest too but still writing about the same to embark my presence in this Indian Democratic reign.

I was never able to trust any politician in last 25 years of my life and will never be able to, until and unless someone is not sparking my nerves & not bringing revolution in my mind. Talking about recent poll in Delhi, not sure if Arvind kejriwal (AAP) or Narendra Modi (BJP) really has how much to give to country capital. But from the beginning of the media polls it was clear that Congress is out of picture now. Here I go with public atleast, Congress are the ones who never works for people. They for sure work for themselves and to be in power. 

I am still not sure if I wanted AAP to be in power. But I must say Modi made me feel that he can give something to India by his speech and Arvind looks promising with his revolutionary ideas and promises. But the Delhi Election result proves that Indians wanted BJP(32 wins) more then AAP(28 wins). Though the fight was close and BJP missed by 3 seats to make his BJP government, leaving all result in dilemma for making Delhi government. Eventhough AAP always told they are not going to collaborate with BJP or congress, but finally with the help of congress MLA’s they are making their government. Just hope that congress contribution here is not affecting Arvind’s dream in future.

Quoting  dialogue of Batman series of movie “More power bring more responsibilities’ , this thing Arvind will have to understand as today he took oath for Delhi CM. Its time to work on the promises of him which made him sit on the CM chair. Not sure how much he will succeed , but if he is able to complete even 50-60 % of what he said , it will surely bring revolution in the Delhi history. 

Hope that this AAP politicians are not changing like other politicians in future as they are in power now. 

Hope that someone now can change India.

Hope this AAP’ians stop fighting within themselves and think about their promises.

Hope that Arvind is able to control corruption atleast in Delhi.

Hope that Arvind is able to control the power of Indian rupee.

Hope Hope Hope….

Yes Hope is only thing we can do now. Message for believers of politicians : Join my category of not believing these stupids if your trust is broken this time. Keep your fingers crossed guys !!!


  1. The title of this blog is stupid which criticizes politicians and on the other hand hoping for a new politician to do well at the end.

    People just see and explore the collaboration with Congress and overlook the facts - "No to security, bungalow, red beacon etc."
    Now that's stupid how people search for loopholes and slights anything good.

    1. Very obvious comment AamAadmi Ankit Rohilla..can understand it.Lets see if these are not showoff ...Just wait for time. Might be AAP are good. If they are keeping their promises then welll and good. Wait and Watch :)