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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life is so Delicate !!

I have heard many people telling about delicate life. Is life really very fine in texture or structure, of intricate quality. Is it really so fragile?? Is your body not enough strong to eradicate this delicate pain of life??

Kiddo says why whole life is a delicate cycle , a delicate cycle, a delicate cycle. I say it’s just a cycle ride it baby. Be strong and ride it. We don’t know where we will go but for sure we will reach somewhere better rather than crying for delicate pains. Let’s live with it and enjoy.

Everyday when we woke up out of order, nothing more to extend except arms, don’t we stop ourself on beds for some more time. Being lazy being delicate. Delicate cycle starts in the morning for Kiddo’s. Then starts daily schedule of work drama with more delicate part of life, as people around there makes you more tired, more delicate and more prone to pain. Sensitivity of perception , sensitivity to feelings of others makes the difference. Undue sensitivity or concern may be considered improper.

A new idea is delicate not the old daily life. Think before you start new but not when some lovely happens. Short pain of your nail may be delicate but a spoil nail once removed will relax you more rather than keeping it for lifetime. That’s a change, though new and delicate but in favour of you. Butterflies of Salim’s Bird Sanctuary are more delicate than you but they inspire you to dance with them ,such a  tiny creatures can live strongly without any fear then why not you :D

Life is lived the way YOU live it! So live it to the fullest and don't look back with delicate things you have! Live, Laugh, Love , fight & Forget. Life's too short to live with regrets and delicacy!! Always Remember, You are super super super strong !!! That should be the mantra of life. Good luck :)


  1. :) Let's hope that Kiddo will be super strong from now onwards :) :P

  2. Yeah... Superb that is motto of this blog post too :D