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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Power of surprise --
It does has more effects than conventional way of doing things !!

I personally believe surprise is better than promises. Let life surprise you and you become life to surprise others. I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring. When Kiddo says that Jaan you surprised me, I just say Life is full of surprises kiddo and I can surprise you much more better in future than what I did till now.
“The secret to humor is surprise.” ― Aristotle

Surprise has the ability to make every experience much better. In fact surprise can amplify whatever emotion you are experiencing. Yeah exactly the way in above picture. Surprise is one of our most powerful relationship tool. Surprise can make your experience to stand out of the conventional way. The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us.

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.” ― Charles Morgan

It shouldn’t surprise you that 99% of people get delighted by surprises. To surprise our dear ones, we must look for opportunities. Time will give us hints, but we need to recognize these hints as opportunities.

Few oppurtunities I too got to surprise my dear ones. Best 3 in order of most recent ones are below :

1. Kiddo 23rd b’day party – Hell of surprise with party poppers, cake , few friends , at kiddo favourite Chatarpatar venue, very amazing gifts (Tooth brush ,Eldo’s Reynolds razor gel pen , pencil, rubber, cutter, scale, chino ,black top) and JP’s chocolates. What more to give kiddo when I am struggling with my bank balance. But surprise not yet over baby :D


2. Singh family first car , gifted by me to my pitashri -  This was diwali special gift to my dad. He deserved atleast that much from my side for bringing me to this position in life. My career my life dedicated to them. Wanted to live for them first. For myself I can live later yaar. Life not over yet.   Took my family for Pizza dinner as told to them by me. After reaching Maruti agency and giving  the car keys in their hand they came to know what Pizza meant that day. And yes this is most expensive surprise of my life. Hahaha.

3. Mom dad silver jubilee anniversary of marriage – How mummy papa felt when they saw 30 closed relatives in an high class party hall of a restaurant who were called formally with proper invitation card. Where DJ was on the floor with all uncle aunties ready to rock, party poppers along with big sized cake and marriage Jaymala, also superb dinner with deserts. Indeed they remembered 25 years back their day of marriage. All thanks to me and my bank balance :D Please note my parents came to know about this arrangements once I took them to party hall. Before that all planning was done by me and my bhai..Ankur bhai !!

Doing all those things made me more happy than anything else in this world. Still I Cherish those moments when I remember it.

The next time you are presented with an opportunity to surprise someone, say yes. I can bet they will remember the experience forever. Think of the last time you received surprise.
Cheers !! Live a surprising life surprisingly with a surprise for others too.


  1. Hi Dear,

    Once again you have succeeded!!! This blog itself gives a huge surprise to the people those you mentioned here.

    Apart from these three, you can add a list of many other surprises (Since I know you personally, I can reveal this). No matter big or small, everywhere you created the essence of wonder, love, joy and happiness. This is a remarkable character of yours..

    I must say that you really made my 23rd birthday so colorful and I cherish those moments throughout my life :) :) :)

    You are the best !! 

    1. Thanks Dear !!

      I know there are many more surprised which are worth mentioning but those mentioned ones are the best of my life.

      I am glad that you liked my b'day surprise. :) Thanks for your overwhelming response.

  2. overwhelming response !!!!! this much English !! Mr. Oxford !!! Bu ha ha ha ha

  3. Boss, when you informed me not to wish her and we have some other plannings.. I was thoughtful..wot this guy is planning hmmm.....
    But the moment you both entered to hotel it worked... Her open mouth... Ha ha she could not even close for a 5 min... ( proof screenshot we do hav :-P) .... I don't know how many times I explained this.funny incident to my best friends... Such an awesome eve buddy... Pretty sure Lakshmi has not celebrated a b'day like this one, Before....

    Nb. Ur writings are nice... A Chethan Bhagath is waisting his time by testing in DEQA... :-)

    1. Haha yes yaar we do have video too for her entry into restaurant and her wide long opened mouth for 5 mins. It was successfull surprise as per our plan. She was happy and thanks to you , Eldo & Rahul.

      And yes Chetan Bhagat life is now in testing only :P Though many people told this but that is beyond my limit. Anyways thanks for making me climb on height of tallest tree :P