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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Associanizations in Kerala !!

Associanization yeah Associanization...not a real word but very much apt for Kerala. State/City/Town/District/Colony people make associations for some unkown benefits or unity but in Kerala people make associations just to make their presence everywhere. They have not left any stone unturned to be associanized. If a limit is there it’s obviously not here :D 

Let me speak frankly. Narrowminded people who are more interested in other people life matters, who always peep into other happenings before their own , who are still not comfortable seeing a boy with a girl in public , who are still living in their old age with their so called mallu civilizations thinking. These are the only people where people are inclined towards communism and they believe in community to fight against government , to fight against people , to fight against any other hindrance and to make their profit.

Associations where required is understandable, but a limit is there to everything. I can jot down many associations which even you will feel are irrelevant. Even those member in that associations might be irritated of this but they are helpless because this is tradition in Kerala. I don’t know the real source who started this, whether it was initiation of active communists of Kerala or some other. But anyhow this is what prevails in this so called God’s own country land.

Let’s start our journey and go through few associations of kerala. You decide if all these below ones are valid ones :

Kerala State Barber and Beauticians Association – Don’t know for what it has been made. Might be to fix rate of hair cut as 60 INR. WTF…!!! Same reaction you have right..Yes WTF...this is cheapest rate of hair cut here where as in other states of India its just 30-35 INR. The smallest shop under tree will have same rate as one normal shop. Though big parlours and all have their rate as 200+ INR only. Not sure why don’t they add them also in their association and fix same rate too.

Private Bus/KSRTC Bus/Auto Association – Mind it these 3 are independent associations and not together. They are like competitors to each other to do maximum number of strikes in Kerala for every reason possible. I have faced so many strikes in just 3 year of Kerala living. Before kerala in first 22 years of my life I was not lucky to see strikes frequently. All thanks to them !!

Lottery Association – As lottery is legal in Kerala and so their association.

Coconut Climbers Association – Here comes the comedy. Coconut water price where coconut trees are in surplous is INR 30 same as in north india where no coconut trees can be found. All thanks to this association. Their rate of climbing coconut trees is as high as sky in Kerala. Doesn’t matter to them..Association is a must !!

Construction Labour / Carpenter / Plumber Associations – These all have their associations separately. After all they need to fight for their rights. And believe me these people are more rich than normal white collar office going guys as their labour charge is very high. Also you will have to take appointment from them. Not easy to get them here.

Driving school AssociationHey this association is needed only , how will they loot money from people. Afterall they need to teach them driving , do their paper works, get them legal driving licence illegally. For that only they have opened driving school.

Fisherman AssociationSeashores everywhere in God’s own country and are so fishes everywhere. High rates for fish doesn’t matter even though Kerala is seashore. Please don’t travel from any part of india to Kerala just to have good fish for cheap. I can bet you can get the same in your state for same rate. No words for this association.

Agriculture Association – Agreed that this board is required everywhere so one of the valid association. Though Kerala is very less producer of main grain (Wheat/Rice/Pulses), they import mostly from other states only.

Rubber & Spice Boards– Being one of the largest producer of rubber and spices in india , I can say these boards of Kerala should be there to manage production and export.

Many more associations are there in Kerala which I have not mentioned above. Concluding this post I want to say that these many associations , Uffffff……….Is it making a better world in Kerala or their own mean world for particular group of people. I am not suitable enough to comment on this. You guys decide !!


  1. Hello Mr.Singh..

    Really you have selected a relevant topic about Kerala. Every coin has two sides. Same way welfare associations are somewhere beneficial for the people those who are a part of it. And again for every action there is an equivalent and opposite reaction :P :P

    But I must tell you one thing, The Lottery association in Kerala is having its own significant. If you notice the lottery sellers, most of them are physically challenged people and this would be the best option to win their daily bread. There are many people working under "Karunya Lottery" which is a government undertaking and a certain part of the income will reach to Regional Cancer Center. I think we should respect for their effort instead of questioning them :)

    Farmer association also help farmers to gain their rights like getting subsidies, introducing modern techniques so and so. Do not forget the fact that farmers are the group of people who requires more unity in-order to increase the productivity thus to make the agricultural growth of the country.

    Anyway nice attempt Mr.Singh. Cheers!!

    1. I agree about farmers association , same associations are at state level and national level both. Likeway spice and rubber board too. These are valid associations and I personally believe it should be there.
      Lottery initiative is helping needed people as you disclosed such paining secret. But how many people lose their wealth, their property in lotteries. It's like open casinos. This is the reason why lottery is banned by many state goevernments.
      The questionable associations are others and many more associations which are not mentioned in above post :-)

  2. The banned lotteries are having different nature and those were not under the government. Kerala Lottery is a very good initiative by the Kerala government and for many years it is successfully running across the state. This association is necessary in-order to recognize the authorized seller thus people should not loose anything. Adding one more thing, Kerala lottery is not like any supper lotto which is banned. And no one lost anything so far except the lottery price which is 20 or 50. I suggest you to take Karala lottery atleast once in your life then you will get a clear picture : :P

    1. For that first you should also buy lottery then. I have never seen you buying lottery in last 3 years buhahahahaha..telling me to buy lottery...u kanjoos...buhahahha