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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bhai it’s 4 u – Congrats for your victory !!

Bhai let me start from our childhood..I don’t remember far way back from our childhood but few things I will never forget and more than me you will never forget. Guess it what ?? ..yeah yeah common ….Try again…give a last try !!!

Ahhhaa let me tell you, I am sure you will never forget my chappal , shoes, slaps and fist which I used to hit you in childhood :-P. I think one time with our cricket bat too. Hahaha.. what to do whatever I got I used to hit you. Frequent was fight than other things. As we grew - things changed, our priority changed , our interest changed, our behavior changed but we were always brother.

I still remember our Kite flying, how I made you to hold chakri, how I made you to collect kites.

I still remember our cricket in field, where I never put you for bowling when you were in my team.

I still remember our cricket in our angan, where we played dukki-dukki matches with ball or box or dried guava (whatever we got to hit with  bat :P).

I still remember when we fought to take big piece of eatables brought by papa.

I still remember the way we used to play our first video game. How crazy we were for 2 player games which are outdated graphics now in this techy world.

Many such things from childhood , which seems to be silly but those were moments to cherish now.

Later we moved to college life , first me and then you somehow :P Things changed more..you got more of serious nature and I became less serious gradually. Hehe. I was happy that you were serious for your study atleast after 1st year of engineering. Though not top performer but more than my expectation. Nearer the day of your Btech completion was coming , more I was tensed about your job.

I know it was hard time sitting in many campus placements and never getting through last stages. I always wished that you get a job soon. But it took lot of time. I made kiddo talk to you to on phone to make your English better, to bring your confidence in communication.

I remember when I called you to Bangalore for job search alone , when none of your friends were accompanying you. It was difficult for you to settle alone and then seach for job with obvious little mummy rememberance after all you are mummy kid na :P . But I always believed that you will get a job soon after seeing your hard work finally in your life. To make your mind fresh and to make sure you don’t lose your will to keep trying until you get job, I asked you to come kochi for short visit, after all we have a comedian here na in Kochi :P

Here you reaped what you sowed bhai. Your hard work finally paid off. Many many congratulations for getting into HCL. I will wish that you succeed in your career more than anyone. But one request to you, please don’t give 3-4 K for any Sai Baba and all. If money is over flowing then instead of wasting on God , give to me :P .

It was you who worked hard and you were solely responsible for your success. Always believe in yourself and be confident everywhere !!! Good luck bhai.

“You're some freaky awesome, my brother. You really are” . Proud of you !!!

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