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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I’m a Foodie, Yes I'm a Petu !!

One of my best moments anytime anywhere would be when I eat good food..really goooooood food. I cherish that moment. Probably other people don’t cherish , seeing me snatching every bit of flesh from chicken piece like any carnivorous animal or seeing me paying more attention to my food in my plate rather than the person sitting infornt of me with me. 

It’s not that I do deliberately but what to do I am helpless. Doesn’t it proves that I am a foodie, very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggg petu. Though it doesn’t reflect much in my body but yes I am a petu. I can’t stop myself when I see food items. My watery mouth is uncontrollable when I see a unique food , my eye balls expand and only food image comes all the time infornt of my eyes.

Which food I like?..anything which please my taste buds. But yes I die for non-veggie. Be it Indian or any other country speciality. Though I am little inclined to our desi Indian taste. More the food presentation looks good and desirable and exotic more I thrive to have it. I wish to roam many countries and try food items there. Yet to start this wish journey outside country , but yes lucky to try foods from north to south of India atleast :P I also wish to be financially strong so that all the time I can try different food, be it breakfast lunch or dinner. Atleast 365*3 dishes a year. It would be so amazing na :D

I love to prepare food, I love to try it by my hand. Though not any good chef but managable cook for my stomach. I feel very good when some good output comes in my kitchen. I love to take pics of my food. I love to share with special ones. I love when appreciated for my cooking.I love to instagram it. I love to talk about it. I love to write about food.  I love I love I love food and I love to cook food.

Few life embarking food items I can eat anytime are Thangaloor fish fry, Mummy's aloo/ gobhi/ paneer paratha , jalebi , samosa ,banana bhajji, kachauri , chats, gulabjamun, icecream, rasmalai , chicken fry, chicken biryani, kadhai chicken, butter chicken, and yes my favourite anda (eggs) etc etc. Keeping it short as list is never ending.

Already my mouth got water while writing above dishes name and while googling for jalebi samosa pics. Give me break guys. I need to have it now. Meet you after jalebi/samosa break !!


  1. Petu Petu you are the biggest Petu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually one more item you missed in your favorite menu.. Guss what ????? C'Mon you can do it.... Yes, you are right.. It is your all time favorite yummy Baji.. :P

    1. Using my tactics on me :P Bhajji is also there :@:@ read properly u buddhu