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Sunday, November 23, 2014

North India to learn from South India and similarly Vice versa !!

Blog viewers literally fought for South India prestige when I wrote my blog ‘North India Vs South India : 5 Points’ ( http://rulzwithatul.blogspot.in/2012/01/north-india-vs-south-india-5-points.html ) way back in Jan,2012 saying that I only favoured North India in my post. This post was most viewed post in my whole list of posts ever. This is time to make everything clear.

Coin has two sides. Similarly everything does has in this world. South India is good for something & bad for something too. North India is good for something and bad too. Let’s mention 5 points each favouring north india and south india . Then you decide if I am correct or not.

What to learn from South India:

  1. People here are more awakened about their rights. And they fight like anything for that. They are more literate too.
  2. Comparatively calm and peace loving people are here only as compared to North India.
  3. Population are somewhere more environment protective here. South India is more green and so so so beautiful.
  4. No doubt public cleanliness is far better than north india when you see roads, bus and railway stations.
  5. Less spicy food which is good for health but I must tell not tasty as north Indian dishes. This is genral point without any influence of north indian touch in me.
 What to learn from North India:

  1. Freedom for individual to live their life as they wish. People are not reserved and not foul thinking here. Majority of people are not narrow minded here.
  2. Population is more fast forward and adaptive towards the changes happening in world. Be it culture or any. People are not feared of bringing any revolutionary changes.
  3. No doubt food here has many varieties and taste, which can be easily represented anywhere in world as loved Indian dish. It’s not an offense for south Indian dish as their food is their culture. But taste matters.
  4. South India should learn not to treat their virtual screen heroes as God. We should live as a hero not for any hero. 
  5. Comparatively North India produce most of the grains for themselves instead of importing it from outside.
 Still debate will be there for above points. But most of the people will agree for above  if  they think  un-biasly.


  1. Nice attempt however this post is somewhere leaning towards North India. He he..

    1. Ahhhaa never appreciate that atleast this one is balanced attempt...full debate debate debate :@