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Sunday, January 4, 2015

It’s time for some real practical Comedy !!

It’s been almost 5 years of my blogging interest & always I have been criticized about writing posts which are more philosophical . Yes, I agree to it totally. Just because I don’t have any comedy idea , doesn’t mean that I do not blog about anything. Might be this has become my writing style. I really enjoyed being able to blog with creativity of philosophy. Let’s make a change this time, wanted to start 2015 year with a little humour.

But again I am void of any humour from my life. I really can’t understand what’s a comedy blog is. Someone has said that comedy is most difficult thing to do. Really it’s difficult to make someone laugh. But can say that our surrounding is full of comedy. We can easily find something to laugh around us.
  • Isn’t it humorous when you listen to people talking around you as Hey Dude !! Wassup dude ?? !! Where are you dude?? !!… Don’t know about everyone but I really get a smile listening to such talks. Might be I am yet to become modern like them to use such a slang :D :P
  • Isn’t it humorous that public enjoys 50’s turned Salman and Shahrukh overacting shits on big screen? But yes Amir is exceptional in same age to be allowed to still act because he deserves it.
  • Isn’t it a comedy that Kerala 54 years old superstar 'MohanLal'  starting a music band at this age. It’s like Amitabh Bachan trying to become young Arijit Singh. Nothing to say more.
  • Isn’t it humorous that highly appreciated most needed campaign against moral policy  ‘Kiss of Love’ originated in a state where people are most conserved in India. Really it’s a slap on the thinking of people here.
  • Don’t you feel to laugh when some sick workaholic continues to discuss loudly on call about client requirements , progress or defect fix  in cafeteria , lift lobbies or even in washrooms. Seriously hilarious corporate people !!
  • It's really a comedy when some people hype themselves with lots of enthusiasm turning to be as time killers. Comedy with a frustration to be trapped.
  • Isn’t it a comedy to do an arranged marriage , marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other.
  • I think I can easily convince you to add Santa-Banta , Alia Bhatt , Sir Ravindra Jadega & Alok Nath in your mind to laugh on comedies without any reason. :D :P Yes that’s what they have become popular for in 2014.

Life is really full of comedies which sneaks from people around us  !! It's all about our sense of humour which matters to laugh. I think again I diverted to philosophy :D What to do, it's
creativity of philosophy, my style of writing :D :P !!!

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  1. Atul singh started handling satirical approaches in his recent blogs !! Keep up the good work..... :)