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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Journey from India to UK !!

Here I am back after long break of 4 months. It’s long time when I was figuring out my career to be made as per my wish or else to change my wish and yes finally I did it. The long awaited onsite dreams come true , though failed 2 times in lottery for America but settled up with United Kingdom. Not a bad deal at all.

The day I got campus placement , mind was ready to go abroad and so waited waited waited. People asked why being in mallu land for so long. I was void of answers but I knew that one day I will get. But what you desire is not the real happiness. Realized it after coming to UK.

No doubt hand is full of cash which can’t be even dreamed in India but trust me person stays here with mindset of money savings only and not happily by their wish. I miss my people from India, I miss my dearest one with whom I laughed , cried and spent each and every seconds possible whole day. I miss diwali and getogether on festivals. Worst diwali ever I am seeing being on overseas and fighting with dearest friend.

Sacrificed many things for this onsite. Missed sister’s engagement , mostly will not be able to attend her marriage too. Hope to return soon after completion of 1 year tenurity. No hard feeling with UK. It’s best country to live in. It’s much more better than what we have perception from Hollywood movies. Fashionable people, perfect natural maintained cities and awesome place to enjoy freedom and live your life, everything is here lekin wo kehte hain na pardesh to pardesh hi hota hain jab apne saath na ho !!


  1. The fight was really unfortunate :( :( hope you may celebrate next diwali with your married sister , relatives and all your dear ones in india.

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