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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kochi, You Are Not The Same !!

Kochi, something is wrong in you now. You don’t look the same you were before. Not sure what but something has changed , something is lost from here. Don’t you feel so… ??

  • Butterflies seems to have flown away from your city now !!
  • Subway’s outlet seems to be closed now here !!
  • Zinger burger is zinger less now !!
  • Shawarma’s went back to Arabic countries now !!
  • Samosa chat , Bhajji, vada pao , panipuri here are tasteless now !!
  • Import of FF, Chambakya, mango ends here now !! 
  • Weekend Gateway looks like a old thoughts now here !!
  • Ocean side parks became a past !!
  • ‘Marine Drive’ drive doesn’t looks to be happening again for me !!
  • Malls not sure but indeed Lullu hypermarket re-occurance is doubtful !!
  • Shopping was sometimes passion and not it has changed to need only !!
  • 1 day long ride outing on ZMR looks impossible now !!
  • Dhaba order closed now…Kochi you took away my favourite food too !!
  • Routine has changed from home to office and back to home now !!
  • Zest & Zeal to wait for the very next good moments seems to be changed into a long wait !!
  • TCS Instant Messaging ‘Sametime’ login is useless now !!

For sure Kochi significance seems to be changed now. Kochi , you are not for me now. Making my status as ‘Unavailable’ right now and assure you that, not many days left when I will sign-off soon from Kochi.

I will miss you Kochi !!