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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Someone Else In Me !!

Everyone in their life would have come across such situations when they feel that - Is it what they wanted to do always? Most of the time we feel it's not real me. We feel why can't I live my life my way , doing things what I feel. Life is a over speedy flowing river,  get to the side which you wish to otherwise you will flow away with the waves.

Some gets bored with their monotonous work, boring life, some are into something not because they wish to , but just to earn basic necessities of life. Not sure how many people are doing the same what they wished, but definitely not me.

Since childhood I aimed to become a pilot but I was drowned in engineering career. Later when I became software engineer and in TCS when HR asked me what is my fantasy job, my mouth told a 'Bartender'...what the heck - a bartender...Did I really said that, Yes I did. But it's just a fantasy.

But on a serious note, Personally speaking 2 things which always fascinates me anytime anywhere all around careerwise are 'Cooking' and 'Stand up comedy'.
I love to prepare food. I feel very good when some good output comes in my kitchen and when appreciated for my cooking. I love to eat and take pictures of my food be it my own prepared or restaurant's. I love to share with special ones. I love to instagram it and talk about it. There is not even single cooking based movie which I have not watched. I just live food.

Another one is this comedy. I love to watch is again and again just to laugh. Hey Russell , Kenny , Maz listen to me. I also know how to do comedy on race, colour, region and believe me you can't beat me in toilet humour. Kapil, Raju, Sunil...you inspired me too. What a comedian does is just refresh you hiding their own tears. But naahhhhh…chuck it…Main thing is just laugh and live your life.

Don’t know if I should tell these 2 fascinations as hobby or something else, but definitely It makes me happy and cherish those moments. Let’s see if I can go to next level for these 2 fascinations ever in future but surely I wish for it. There is Someone Else In Me. Might be someday I need to make disconnections to make a connection.


  1. The life itself is a search to find ourselves and the day we realize the truth our souls will blend with an eternal entity.. :) :) till then do what you like, follow your destiny, cherish your dreams.. this silent promise will be always there with you to make bathroom jokes.. ;)