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Monday, February 22, 2016

What I miss in United Kingdom trips !!

To my superficial future girl :)

Travelling along the British roads, something feels void. Some charm is missing leading to steep deviation in the excitement. Feels like I am doing something which I am not used to and unfortunately I am unable to overcome those limitations. Why this time doesn’t stop until I get my girl and then together we can hit the British roads…. ufff this is superficial thought just to tune my strings with my superficial girl.

I miss those plan preparations made with you day before trip… I miss those morning early wake up call for you… I miss threatening you and making you hurry… I miss your making delay and never on time… I miss your habit of forgetting things to carry and remembering same when we start for trip… I miss your totally unorganized meshy backpack… I miss your never ending complain of leg pain, back pain, head pain blah blah...I miss your jumps, acting during the trip walk... I miss butterfly's of the UK as they seems to be un-noticable without you.. I miss your unlimited water demand when water bottles cost same like a coke :P …I miss searching your rest room for so frequently needed urgency … I miss my hand being hold by you… I miss our hugs… I miss me trying more varieties of food without you… I miss screaming on rides and horror shows… I miss forced going to swing just to give you push…

And most importantly I miss a photographer for whom I can pose unlimited and also your making me pose differently. I miss your long time taking process to click shoot button and I miss myself getting angry for long posing to get a single shot.

Isn’t this enough to miss myself. I think I miss me totally here in England. I miss my smile. Hope to see you soon to complete me.

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