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Sunday, March 29, 2015


It’s 29th Mar 2015, 0414 PM IST, Final presentations got over & Kangaroo’s are holding ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup. Seeing this scene, something is mourning inside me , inside each and very Indian. All Indian cricket lovers are silent , but something is erupting inside them today. Everyone’s soul is telling that It was ours and It is supposed to be ours.

During WC-2015 , I never posted anything on FB, never tweeted , never instagramed , never showed any cricket spirit publicly . I never criticized anyone or showed my support for my team publicly . But yes I was die-hard following it silently. But I feel little broken now after seeing WC in others hand.

It was not any player loss but it was loss for billion population of India. World would be Soccer fans but we Indians are strictly cricket fans. And yes Kohli this loss was not your loss too, everyone knows what you are capable of but it was just you gave them a silly Anushka reason to criticize you. They are just bunch of stupids who are behind your’s and Anushka relation, but it’s also true that you could have played well in knockouts :(

But Yes, it’s correct #Respect to Indian cricket team. We really played like a champions. We were never favourite until WC start , but once WC started we were everyone’s favourite. Until Semis Aussies were nowhere but we just had a bad day. We had the best players with best team who deserved cup again. Only problem is we didn’t delivered on the day when it was required the most. We had plans for it but was not executed properly. #Respect to Dhoni for your unmatched captaincy skills, Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli ,Raina, Rahane for you batting performances, Ashwin , Umesh ,Shami , Mohit for your incredible unexpected aggressive temperament. Infact most #Respect to Indian team as a whole than individual. But no comments for Sir Jadega. I still feel we did a mistake replacing allrounder like Yuvi with you. Might be it time again to bring focus on Sir Jadega troll’s again.

Campaign started with #WeWontGiveItBack and still we are high on it. We have not given it back yet. It lives in our soul and we believe it is still ours. Only cup needs to be snatched back from Kangaroo’s in 2019. With addition of 2 more supporters to this #WeWontGiveItBack campaign for 2019 , I will be watching next cricket world cup with my wife and kid :D :P

Cheers for Team India !!

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