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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yes, I’m an IT Engineer!!

Every software industry professional has a curse on them to hear same dialogues numerously from a large number of crowd, Be it relatives or friends and don’t know who all..Oh you are also IT Engineer?  Arey tension dene wali duniya ..what do you mean by ‘also’ in that question. Why you make us ponder again if we did any mistake becoming an IT engineer.

Completed engineering, got campus placed easily, joined IT industry. What’s a big deal in it. Yes we didn’t sweat our underwear’s dropping a year after graduation to prepare for Bank entrance, any PSU or any Navaratna government job. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have balls to do so. Being one of the 60 placed students from competitor participating strength of 450 in same college, obviously needs some balls. Though agree we went along with crowd joining IT field. But should all engineer join banks to do financial and paper works just for making would be father-in-law agree to accept our proposal to marry his daughter.

No money... No peace...No job satisfaction...Hectic schedules...All part of IT. But does any bank employee satisfied holding a engineering degree and doing data entry job on some old chair used by big butt farter predecessors. Atleast in IT we get some standard sitting all the time in AC :D

There was a time when IT was a renowned job but huge job percentage has given it a image of shadow. IT has boomed like anything making other field jobs with rare opportunity. People are moving to preference of peaceful and permanent career like bank. No risk of recession, no one wants to be one of the many software engineer in same colony. It has been given image of job by needs or job by failures. Thing is that no one is happy with what job they do. Life becomes monotonous if we stay in same field. Entertainment in life is all about change. Change is risky but satisfactory. Everyone aspires for change but not courageous enough to go for it.

Oh yeah I’m an IT engineer...Yes I am...yup you are correct...me too!! 

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